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Hottest movie stars?


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Well gentlemen since this topic has been pretty damn fun, I thought why not find out who you guys think is the hottest movie star, you get two on this one.... one from now and one from when you were growing up... movie stars guys, maybe later we will get into T.V. stars, athletes, and others but for now, movie stars...

scarlett johansson http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/23500000/Scarlett-Johansson-scarlett-johansson-23504278-490-700.jpg




blast from the past.... alicia silverstonehttp://www.2flashgames.com/2fgkjn134kjlh1cfn81vc34/flash/f-Alicia-Silverstone-1-2529.jpg

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2 just isn't enough


Blast from the past : Mia Sara, Kelly Hu, Phoebe Cates. Honorable mentions to Jane Seymour, Jodie Foster and Alyssa Milano




Scarlett Johanson, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightley, Kate Beckinsdale


Can you tell I have a penchant for petite brunettes?

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From the past I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar - growing up as a teenager when she played Buffy and then Eliza Dushku as Faith as well? Ohhh yes. Penelope Cruz as well, damn that women is sexy and Monica Belluci as well. I also really had a crush on Linda Cardellini when she was in Freaks and Geeks.


Now, its Scarlett J, Natalie Portman, Kristen Bell, Kate Beckinsdale and Emily Watson although I agree with Kristen Wiig, she has a cheeky something about her and got better as she has aged. Also Emily Brunt and Rose Byrne.

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Here's a top twelve for both time periods. Of course, some of the women from "the past" are still working today, but I'm going from their heydey.


Top 12 from the present day

Christina Hendricks

Olga Kurylenko

Lizzy Caplan

Kelly Reilly

Eva Green

Olivia Wilde

Elena Satine

Natalie Dormer

Mila Kunis

Ashley Greene

Felicia Day

Vica Kerekes


Top 12 from the past

Julianne Moore

Diane Lane

Melissa George

Eliza Dushku

Teri Hatcher

Audrey Hepburn

Kelly LeBrock

Madeleine Stowe

Monica Bellucci

Amanda Tapping

Teryl Rothery

Catherine Bell

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Growing up it was in films it was Catherine Zeeta Jones and that girl who was in the mummy (name totally escapes me. She was also in Constantine with Keanu)


Current day is Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Olsen, Kate Beckinsale and Ronda Rousey (she counts right?? She was in Fast 7)

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