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Mr. Holmes


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Matthew has another review up:




There have been some great big budget movies this summer. At the same time there have been some supreme turds that got a lot of hype and therefore had lots of reviews written about them.


Buried at the bottom of the box office, however, are some hidden gems. There are some great movies out there that didn’t get a lot of the media attention and didn’t have the wide releases that films like Avengers or Mission: Impossible received. Some of these will disappear and never be heard from again (The Loft) but some have the chance to thrive, and maybe even pick up an award or two. But even if they don’t they are still worthy of your attention.


If you love movies, and you your local cinema is playing Mr. Holmes, do it and yourself a favor and see it.




> Mr. Holmes Review: Multiple levels, all of them charming


Ian McKellen has just now shared this on his official Facebook page to his 4 million plus fans! :lovesign:



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