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Who is hotter??


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So just sitting here thinking about the Women of wrestling. Wanted to see who you guys thought was the hottest woman from now or the past. Not most talented, but nicest to look at....



Hard to argue with Kimberly from past but Sasha Banks is freaking hot as hell




@BENZ79 I know you who you got....



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She seems like she'd be hard work though. There is just something false about the Bella's that stops me from finding them attractive, that and the man voices.


Out of the current crop, its Paige and Becky Lynch - all time its probably Lita and Stacey Kiebler just ahead of Mickie James.

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I managed to meet Paige a few times working the same shows as her when she was britni knight, she's an absolute sweetheart to be fair such a lovely person.


How ever the Bella's I think I would love to be with either one, the high maintenance the manly voice I'm honestly not bothered at all I'm sure it would be worth it haha


I've also always had a soft spot for Francine.

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Melina? I always thought of her as the locker room bike type of deal, like I said earlier paige is really a nice person and I feel quite attractive, its wierd seein someone you once was on shows with have all this fame and sexual attention, unfortunately the last time I spoke to her she seems to have lots of wierd sexual things asked and requested of her. She is a beautiful person though inside and out, all respect to her though I'm still a steph guy ;)
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Damn what was up with the bashing of Velvet Sky @Omega images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6bl5bLbi32UGQJnhOqSYGBj2Hbbu4YRuLhlaB52itWoPFpHyNxQ

I would let her deflate my balls!!!!


Stacy Keibler had legs that went all the way up and made an ass out of themselveshttp://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51noP5pUqML.jpg

Was really high on Dawn Marie(ECW days) meet her at a little house show in Wilwood.NJ along with @BENZ79 , she was freaking gorgeoushttp://famous-relationships.topsynergy.com/!photos/Dawn-Marie-Psaltis.jpg


Francine was hot, but she was on of those typical South Philly hoes... for two dollars you and your buddies could play battleship with her. You know, lay her in a bathtub and cover her with Sea-men:eyebrows:bb0662ba62b259479df49e463d64fe34.jpg


The Bellas are nice but I would defiantly take Nikki over Brie... I like them a little thick.http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/bella-twins-super-bowl-pics-660x400.jpg



Tori Wilson was smoking...http://wallpapersshd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/torrie-wilson-wwe-hd-wallpapers.jpg



But Micki James will always be my Favorite!!!! Love the brunettes... her short size and her thickness made for a perfect combination!!!!





Maybe the real question should be.... your top 4 in this order....

#1... wifey, which one would you marry

#2... girlfriend, which one would you keep just as a girlfriend, no intentions to ever marry

#3... mistress, which one would you use to do all the things your wife won't let you do

#4... badass, which one would you like to have on your side in a bar fight??(I hear alot of Chyna)

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