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Xavier Woods launches UpUpDownDown Youtube Channel


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Xavier Woods has his own gaming channel on Youtube, which is well worth anyone with a passing interest checking out:



There's been some pretty cool stuff on there, such as interviews with Rollins and Cesaro, a show called Gamer Gauntlet where Xavier and friends face off for possession of a power glove, with the loser facing a punishment:



And lots of other good stuff including Damien Sandow...sorry "Sizzle" providing some awesome commentary:



I really like it, and I also like that he's running this as Austin Creed instead of Xavier Woods. There's definitely worse things to spend a couple of minutes watching on the interwebz.

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The channel is run by WWE, I think they have plans to do a few channels like this.


From the press release a while back:


WWE today launched UpUpDownDown, a new YouTube channel focusing on the world of video gaming, hosted by WWE Superstar and avid gamer, Xavier Woods. Woods, also known to online players by his handle “Austin Creed,” will be joined by YouTube celebrities, WWE Superstars and video game editors who will star in daily programming about everything in the world of gaming - from current hits like “WWE 2K15” and “The Witcher” to classic series like “FIFA” and “Grand Theft Auto.”


“By leveraging WWE’s massive influence on YouTube and tapping into a content vertical that scores highly among our fans, we’re poised to make an immediate impact with this new channel,” said Lisa Fox, WWE Executive Vice President, Content. “We’re confident that UpUpDownDown will entertain not only WWE fans, but gamers everywhere.”


WWE has a powerful presence on YouTube, having served more than 5 billion video views in the last 12 months and boasting more than 6.4 million subscribers, making it the No. 1 Sports channel on the platform ahead of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, ESPN and NASCAR.

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You mean Tong Po? :P


I'm super surprised to find out this is a WWE thing too. For starters, it's actually not 3 years behind where culture is at the moment, and like DC said, it's weird that they let Woods do this as Austin Creed. Although, there's always the built in excuse that they're just using his gamertag?


It's just really annoying to see these guys put so much personality into a video, only for them to be allowed to display none of it when actually working in WWE. Jimmy Uso is straight up hilarious, as is Sandow, and it's great to see Kofi actually getting to show a little of his own personality too.


If anything, this should be another warning to WWE that they should allow folks to have a real hand in directing their own characters.

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