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WWE's Tag Team Division - Do You Care?


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I will say this right from the start. WWE's tag team division bores me and it has for a while. The division has shown some brief glimmers of being something entertaining, but now the most entertaining part of the tag division for me is Big E's ridiculous prancing to the ring during his entrance. Maybe it's just a problem with me, but most of the tag teams just don't interest me and the biggest problem with the division right now is at the very top with the current tag champions.


Maybe it's because they are, more or less, on commentary every week while other tag teams compete, but I just can't stand The Prime Time Players. I've never been a fan of Titus O'Neil, but this tag team just doesn't deserve to be at the top of the division.


In my mind, the best tag team in WWE right now is The Lucha Dragons. They're the most exciting and entertaining team and they had a good, albeit brief, push for a couple of weeks when they debuted on the main roster, but WWE has not even attempted to capitalize on the team's popularity. It seems like The Lucha Dragons have just been thrown into the mix because there are so few tag teams worth putting any effort into.


When it comes to Los Matadores, I just cannot take them seriously as a tag team as long as they have El Torito. On the surface, Los Matadores looks like a comedy tag team, but that's not how they are booked and I would be a bigger fan of the team if El Torito was not in the picture.


So the point of this thread is - do you care about WWE's tag team division? Do you think it's worth watching? What improvements, if any, do you think need to be made?

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