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ULTIMA LUCHA - The Lucha Underground Finale


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So epic in scope, the finale has been extended to cover the penultimate 1hr episode and the scheduled 2hr end-of-season spectacular.


Before getting to the main show, here's a recap of the most recent episode.


Now, here is the card.


The fans will have leather straps and can whip the wrestlers if they go to the floor.

As Hernandez is despised and Drago is adored, it's obvious how that will go.



A generational battle as the sons continue the war of the fathers.




The best heel on the show has finally caused Vampiro to reach his breaking point.

Will the skeleton-ninja add another sacrifice for his Maestro?


After being thrown head-first through a window, Alberto

El Patron has been after Johnny Mundo's blood.




7-Way Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship


Seven medallions representing the "an-see-ent" Aztec tribes. The winner takes

possession of the Gift of the Gods belt and can exchange it for a match against

the Lucha Underground Champion.


Unlike Money in the Bank, the request for a match must be a minimum of a week

in advance and, for the time between winning the belt and cashing it in, you may

be called upon to defend it if you take too long.


Also, once it has been cashed in, the seven medallions

are removed and we begin the process again.



Team Sitcom v The Teleporting Skeleton Disciples of the Personification of Death




The current (and so far only) Lucha Underground Champion defends his title

against the most over-powered character this side of NXT's Irish Demon.

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I've avoided watching the first part as Josh wasn't here last weekend, so we're going to watch all 3hrs tonight.


It was easily the most consistently great wrestling show to be on TV this year.


Also; they have guaranteed that Season 2 will happen, but they don't know when and they don't imagine it will be in Boyle Heights (due to tax reasons, they'll be looking for somewhere cheaper).

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