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Jules Bianchi has died

The Fury

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It's been over 20 years since we lost a driver to a racing incident but poor Jules Bianchi has lost his fight today. Jules was 26 years old and part of the Ferrari young driver program and seemingly destined for a career in the famous red cars of Italy. After scoring Manor/Marussia's first ever points it seemed simply a matter of time before he got a drive in the top team and his passing has to mark one of the biggest losses of potential talent since Stephan Bellof's death at Spa in 1985 driving a world sportscar race.


It's sad looking at twitter today, we see the drivers posting photo's with Jules, always smiling. Some are from when he was much younger, from his karting days or other formula and it's tragic that he lost his life to the thing he loved the most and was almost destined to do. A tragic accident has robbed us of someone many thought could be a potential world champion.


R.I.P Jules...



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