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The Beast in the East - WWE Network Special (live on July 4th)


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It's a (roughly) 12-noon start for us in the UK (which makes a nice change from having to stay up until the wee hours) and the card has some odd match-ups.



Brock Lesnar v Kofi Kingston


NXT Championship Match

Kevin Owens v Finn Bálor


Chris Jericho v Neville


John Cena and Dolph Ziggler v Kane and King Barrett


Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship

Nikki Bella v Naomi v Paige


The Lucha Dragons v The New Day (Big E / Woods)


Cesaro v Diego


The ratings for this could be interesting, because if they are high enough, then it could show WWE that live shows outside the normal US air-times can work, hopefully leading to a PPV in the UK.

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It's the Saturday for us; the show is the evening in Japan, so we work back from them 8hrs.


I've seen that it might actually be around noon rather than the morning (I got the 9.30am from the first link I found when searching), but another search has shown more credible reports that it'll be around midday.

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With the exception of the main event, the Beast in the East special was a great show and surprisingly well done. Personally, I'd say my favorite match was Jericho/Neville since I didn't know that Jericho was going to compete at the event. I was a bit surprised that the match was as good as it was given Jericho's limited schedule nowadays. I was also surprised that Jericho went over Neville since there was not really anything for Jericho to gain from a victory. With that said, I am glad that Jericho did go over.


Lesnar's squash of Kofi Kingston and beat down of The New Day was awesome as well. It did a good job of re-establishing Lesnar as a "conqueror" after The Authority beat him down a couple of weeks ago. In my opinion, this is how Lesnar needs to be booked at all times. Brock is one of those guys who can get away with being a face while also being unstoppable and WWE needs to keep that going.


Overall, I would call Beast in the East a success, both for WWE and for the fans. I honestly hope they make it an annual event.

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