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Phoenix Promotions Presents: Let's Start a Riot

Matt Black

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Singles Match: "Solid" John Green vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters


"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters was part of the main event of the inaugural main event on the very first Phoenix Promotions event, going up against "The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders in a sure classic that resulted in a narrow defeat for the former WWE Superstar, both men being taken to the ultimate limit of their capabilities in the ring.


But one defeat is far from enough to discourage a competitor the likes of Masters, and he returns at Let's Start A Riot to redress that loss and remind the fans in Sheffield of the fact that he is a dominant presence both in and out of the squared circle.


Determined to deny him that opportunity is his opponent, "Solid" John Green, and while Masters and Sanders might have explored their respective limits, the current Elite British Wrestling Heavyweight Champion makes the claim that he is "athletically limitless".


In a card staked with epic confrontations, this match surely stands out as a must see for any true fan of British and international wrestling and promises to showcase both athletes at their very best.

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Singles Match: Grado vs "The Iceman" Sam Goodison


Has there ever been a more striking contrast in the ability and character of two athletes in professional wrestling and therefore as tantalising a prospect when the pair finally meet in the ring for the first time?


Grado, star of TNA British Bootcamp 2 and icon of the British wrestling industry might not measure up in physical terms to the ideal of the perfect competitor, describing himself as being as fit as his own grandmother. But when it comes to guts, determination and charisma, those he has in spades and has become a firm favourite with fans the length and breadth of the country thanks to his unconventional style and affinity for the audience.


In contrast, "The Iceman" Sam Goodison is - on paper at least - an outstanding athlete with astonishingly sound technical abilities and a long record of victories to his name. But the current Elite British Wrestling Catch Champion chooses to show disdain for both the fans and the rules, laughing at their objections to his blatant cheating and lording over them his title.


What will win out on the night?


Will Goodison outwrestle the man from Stevenson, or will he feel the Wee Boot as a reward for his nefarious ways?

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Singles Match: "Mean Machine" Mark Sanders vs Rampage Brown


Over the past year, "Mean Machine" Mark Sanders has been gathering momentum relentlessly as he has faced and defeated some of the very best in the British wrestling industry and beyond. Paul Malen, Joseph Connors, Stixx, Antonio Thomas and even Chris Masters have all contended with Sanders and each in turn has fallen to the effects of the "Air Burst" Powerbomb.


But inevitably the ripples sent out by this series of masterful victories and classic matches have begun to reach the depths of the industry in which the truly monstrous leviathans dwell, awaiting their next victim. And a true monster has now risen from those depths, like a human Godzilla, and started an inevitable march towards Let's Start A Riot in order to confront the Mean Machine.


Rampage Brown needs no introduction to those familiar with his work, the star of TNA British Bootcamp 2 and former WWE Superstar represents perhaps the most physically dominant competitor in the ring today. Combining frightening strength and speed, he has dominated his opponents from one end of the country to the other.


Has the Mean Machine finally met his match?


Or will Brown's rampage come to an untimely end at Let's Start a Riot?

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Singles Match: Lionheart vs "The Romanian Sniper" Radu Bulat


If ever there was a tale of the will and courage to overcome adversity in modern wrestling, then surely it would be that of Scottish grappler, Lionheart. After suffering a broken neck in a match with "The Phenomenal" A J Styles, Lionheart's journey in overcoming the devastating effects of the injury and recovering sufficiently to make his spectacular comeback was one of the most compelling of the past year.


But despite all of this and the fact that this match will see Lionheart make his debut in Sheffield, you can be sure that he will find neither sympathy nor mercy at the hands of his opponent, "The Romanian Sniper" Radu Bulat, as the mercenary from Bucharest cares nothing for the bodies or minds of those who stand in his way.


Even without the consideration of Lionheart's astonishing athleticism and resiliency or Bulat's single-minded determination to win, this promises to be an epic clash of two men at the absolute peak of their abilities and proves that there is not a single match on this card which is not a must see for any true fan of British Wrestling.

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