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crazy odds


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Love the sportsbook part of this league also, just need to know how an unknown wrestler can have better odds of winning then Ziggler?? WTF??? I don't know how you come up with the odds or if they are just randomly generated... or how much control you have over the sportsbook, but what if there was away to offer a (just making up a number) $25,000 award for calling every match correct.... that would be neat!!!
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I come up with the odds. When I did my first Sportsbook (Extreme Rules, I think), I looked around but couldn't find any odds for anything other than the main event so I made my own. I think they've been pretty accurate.


An unannounced participant has better odds of winning on Sportsbook than Dolph Ziggler because an unannounced participant has better odds of winning at MITB than Dolph Ziggler. It's a general rule in wrestling that if you reveal a surprise participant in a match (other than the Royal Rumble or an equivalent nostalgia play) they win. It is more likely that a returning Brock Lesnar or a debuting Finn Balor for example are winning the Money in the Bank than Dolph is. Not because Lesnar returning or Balor debuting are particularly likely (Unannounced participant is 10/1 after all) but because Dolph winning is extremely unlikely. He has spent the last few weeks getting beat after being distracted and is firmly in the mid-card, it would be a strange way to build up your case holder.


My reasoning for the odds was:


Roman Reigns 1/3 - Strong favourite for all the obvious reasons


Sheamus - 5/1 He's a heel which fits the surprise cash-in better and is the highest positioned heel in the match. They have decided not to beat him in matches they very easily could have (Randy Orton x2 and Roman Reigns). There is a reason for that, it's probably not this but he's being protected for something (Reigns or Cena at SummerSlam would be my guess at the minute).


Kofi Kingston - 6/1 - He's a heel and has a match against Brock Lesnar in Japan which has been turned into a WWE Network special. My thinking was that there is a remote possibility they use Kofi and the MITB briefcase as a way of getting Brock back on TV and circumventing his suspension (i.e Kofi wins, somehow defends his case against Lesnar and loses - Brock has a guaranteed title match and so his suspension has to be revoked).


Kane - 8/1 - He has been feuding with Seth on TV for months, they have played up the possibility of it happening. Last year's MITB was played out to it's limit with a Wrestlemania main event cash-in, there is an idea that a sensible booker would get it out of the way this year by having it cashed in (unsuccessfully) early. That way you don't re-hash the same angles (Although there is a counter-argument that the predator [seth] becoming the Prey [Champion] is a good angle and you kill it [temporarily] the year after). Kane has said that if he wins he is cashing in straight after the main event and Seth is in the middle of an "I don't need the Authority" angle, so him beating Dean and Kane on his own could be a way of making him a more serious champion and moving him away from hiding behind the Authority.


Unannounced participant - 10/1 Balor debuting, Brock returning etc.


Then you have the guys I don't think can win:


Neville 15/1, Randy Orton 17/1 and Dolph Ziggler 20/1. Neville is the favourite out of these because he's the new guy, he's a babyface that can justifiably delay cashing in (I'm not ready yet etc). I originally had Dolph at 17/1 and Orton at 20/1 because Ziggler challenging for the title is fresher than Orton and they can use him facing Seth as a fill in and Orton has already had his spell with Seth but Orton is higher up the card and neither are winning. I probably should have switched these back but it wont matter.

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It's all good... you do not have to explain yourself to me. I was not questioning the odds(I was just wondering), I was just trying to get a conversation started. Being that this is the last week, and I am soooooooooo far out of it, I thought that I would try to at least win on sportsbook.
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