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[35] FWL Update: Week 10


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Hi all,


I hope everyone remembered to change a pick/Captain on Monday!


Points galore this week...


Elimination Chamber


- Elimination Chamber Match: Superstars received 10 points per elimination and lost 10 if they were eliminated, with the winners receiving a 50 point bonus


- New Day, Nikki Bella and Seth Rollins all received a 30 point bonus for successfully defending their titles


- Ryback received a 75 point bonus for winning the Intercontinental title




- I gave both Miz and Ryback match appearance points but it was a no contest due to the interruption


- Nikki Bella received a 20 point bonus for successfully defending her title


- Randy Orton defeated Sheamus by DQ


- Roman Reigns took part in 3 matches and Dolph/Kofi took part in 2 matches


The leaderboard has been updated.


As always, I encourage you all to check the points in the FWL User Control Panel - just to ensure I have not made any mistakes.






This season we will have THREE pick changes! The current scheduled dates will be:

  • Monday 20th April
  • Monday 11th May
  • Monday 1st June

You will only have a 24 hour window to change 1 pick and/or your Team Captain during each date. For more info, click here.






> Leaderboard


> Usergroups (click the name of any usergroup to see their respective leaderboards)


> FWL User Control Panel (If it said "Access Denied Entry Deadline Past", ignore it, if you registered in time, you will still be able to login. Don't forget, you have to be logged into the forums before you can login to the FWL section)

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@thoth89 has a lead of 275 points at the top which has to be one of the biggest gaps we've had in some time.

I'd love to say I think I'll be able to maintain that gap, but I'm wary of MITB. I have a sneaky feeling there might be a few title changes, I can see Nikki losing her title now she's got the longest reign of active divas and I think Prime Time Players are being pushed and looking good so might take the title at MITB. Though like many I suspect, I just hope Ryback holds his title (if Big Show takes it it would be a travesty).

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Smackdown and Main Event points have been added.



- Kevin Owens received an extra 20 points for successfully defending the NXT title


- Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus by DQ

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