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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - June 1, 2015 from San Antonio, TX (#1150)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 1, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 2, at 12AM on SkySportsHD3



AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX


Confirmed Matches/Events


WWE Elimination Chamber Fallout

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Yet again, I find myself watching WWE out of convenience. It really is a good show to do other things to.


Does anyone see a little Rock 'n' Sock Connection in Reigns and Ambrose? I dig it, it's a rare positive with WWE that they'd actually taken a step back with Roman Reigns, tried something new, learnt some lessons, and not just barrelled on and told everyone to fuck themselves like they've been doing with Cena for years. I've always really liked the chemistry the Shield have as actors (or maybe it's real, I don't know). They just always seemed like actual friends, with actual team work, like they really had each other's backs in a genuine way. I remember there was a RAW were they got beaten down and outnumbered by, I think, Evolution, and the show went off the air to them trying, and failing, to regroup, and it was really kinda sad, in an intentional way, it was clear they had, like, an emergency plan, and it was to get physically close to each other, like a pack of dogs, and I thought that was a neat touch that really made the beatdown seem tragic, and Ambrose and Reigns still have that. I can't even put my finger on it, but there's just something about the way they treat each other and they way them move around each other that gets over this idea that they're a team, and that they're communicating, it's not just ticking off a list of spots, and they don't act like they can read each other's minds. Just little things like them both checking on each other to make sure they're leaving the ring at the same time, or how they walked backwards until they bumped into each other to make sure no one could get behind them. It's the tiniest touches, but it's what made The Shield the best thing in years and years and years, and they still have it. So, yeah, they're really cool.


Everything else was meh or sucked, but there was more of the former. Cena got muted so I didn't vomit, Owens' accent is still weird as shit, even for a Quebecois, I can't decide if I'm actually attracted to Paige, or if it's just a nostalgia pop from her reminding me of every single girl I ever hooked up with between the ages of 15 and 18, the Primetime Players looked great, but everything else was at least tolerable as background noise.

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He'll never be a good promo as long as he keeps dressing like that. He looks like he's, at best, mentally unwell, or, at worst, an actual pedophile (which isn't helped by him always talking about and/or touching kids). He's constantly dressed like someone you'd expect to see wandering around a shopping mall, talking to themselves, smelling vaguely like human shit. The 90s cap, the neon colours, the sweat bands, the shorts, the really creepy lack of body hair... I mean, I know wrestlers don't exactly look normal at the best of times, and their fashion sense pretty much ended it's evolution in 1975, but I can't help but feel genuinely uncomfortable when Cena comes out dressed like that. It's just so weird, it's actually kinda creepy. Like, he's almost 40. Really try and picture a 40 year old dressed like that without bursting into tears at the horror of it all.


I think it's because it's that uncanny valley line between real and fake, like, a man in his pants, it's like, whatever, it's a wrestler, they wear pants, move on, that's fine, and then Dean Ambrose in a t-shirt and jeans is whatever, because people dress like that, that's fine, and then Cena turns up, and it's like... it's like a costume made up of normal clothes, it's like both, yet neither, and it's so fucking creepy! It's like someone took the worst dressed, most obnoxious kid in America from, like, Delaware, and he's hot shit in Delaware, and his name's, like, Mason or Trapper or some stupid shit named after a job that doesn't exist anymore, and then they just inflated him to some ridiculous degree, and I get it, like, I get the point; John Cena looks how uncool kids want to look when they're older, so uncool kids like him, but, sadly, I'm not a kid, and I'm particularly cool, so to me, yeah, he just looks like a nonce.

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Dean and Roman do have a nice chemistry.


I don't know if I'm reading too much into it or seeing things that I expect to see but the thing that's kept springing to mind is what I said in the Elimination Chamber thread: Cena is an old pro. He's hit every fucking mark going with this Champion Emeritus role giving the guys the rub but still going over. Not being in the main event but still as important. Zayn and Neville came up and he made them look good and important. Then this guy Owens comes up and Cena's not stupid. Somebody likes him. He laid out John F*cking Cena flat on his back two appearances out of two and was booked to beat him clean as a sheet in the third. He does the job and a quarter of a second after the refs hand slaps the mat for the third time Cena rolls out of the ring and is never seen again. The rematch is then advertised. Owens then comes out and cuts a good promo and Cena has to come out to fans booing him, chanting "you got beat" and follow a notably good promo man and turn it around. And he does. Cena somehow ends the segment topping Owens and convincingly with fire and heat telling the guy that beat him clean 24 hours earlier that he isn't half the man he is and standing tall while he walks away from a fight. People mocked the brass ring stuff...


The Orton and Sheamus match was a really good, snug match. I'm glad they didn't beat Sheamus (DQ, I know). I thought Reigns did well all night. I quite liked the matches with Barrett and Wyatt. New Day were good. Prime Time players looked good. It was a decent show, I suppose. I'm surprised they beat Wyatt (although it was Reigns). I thought they were going to end in a no-contest or something to include both in the MITB. Henry turning heel? Which makes more sense. If he's winding down and it looks like he is, he can be be Kane and be beat like a drum by mid-carders.


If you didn't hear, Samoa Joe has apparently signed a full-time deal and beat Tyson Kidd in a dark match.


Raw ratings back up

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 14:44




A combination of the lack of competition by the NBA playoffs and coming the day after a major show saw Raw numbers increase to 3.96 million viewers last night.


This is probably in the neighborhood of what a show, at least the day after a big show, should be doing until the September football season drop.


The number was up from 3.59 million viewers a week ago, which was one of the lowest numbers of the last 17 years.


The three hours were:


8 p.m. 3.95 million viewers


9 p.m. 4.11 million viewers


10 p.m. 3.86 million viewers


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