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The Hiring/Firing thread


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Bit of a fall from grace for Mclaren, looked like hot shit until about January, linked with a move to the Premier League, and then ping - total failure for months straight followed by a sacking.


Perfect for Newcastle then.

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Roberto Di Matteo has resigned as manager of German side Schalke after seven and a half months in charge. They where 11th when he took over, he got them up to 3rd but they have only won two of their last ten and slipped to 6th so he felt he had to go.


Rafa is expected to take over as Real boss on Monday after the Italian league finishes out on Sunday. I predict now he will last one season.

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That'll be about the 17th manager in two years down there. Mad that they've managed to have such a success with all the craziness. Can see them doing a QPR next season and chucking money at it to try and stay up, probably ending up in epic failure.
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It's between Brolly Wolly and Pat if the papers are to be believed.


Real Madrid sure can pick them can't they? All Rafa's Napoli had to do, at home I might add, was not lose to Lazio and they would qualify for the Champions League in Rafa's last match. But they lost 4-2... and didn't qualify...


Odds on Rafa lasting one season in Madrid?

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Sinisa Mihajlovic has resigned from his job at Sampdoria after two years and left with some bizarre words... from www.bbc.co.uk/sport


Sinisa Mihajlovic referenced Winston Churchill, Robin Williams and John F Kennedy as he resigned as Sampdoria manager after two seasons in charge.


The 46-year-old steps down having led the club to seventh place in Serie A.


In an extensive farewell on the club's website, Mihajlovic wrote of Kennedy's influence on his career, quoting the former US president by saying: "We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch."


The Serb also said he had "used every minute available to improve Samp".


In a further reference to Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963, Mihajlovic said he had told his players "not to ask what Samp could do for them, but what they could do for Samp", after his appointment in 2013.


He acknowledged he had quoted "so many famous people in all fields" during his time as coach, listing "Giulio Cesare, Churchill, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Dante, Walt Disney and Robin Williams", but said Kennedy's words had best summarised what he had been trying to achieve.


He added he was "proud" to have left behind a squad full of "commitment, professionalism and hard work", and had repaid "a moral debt" to a club who had helped him in a "difficult moment of my career as a young footballer" when they signed him in 1994.


In his first season in charge, the former defender - who joined Lazio from Sampdoria in 1998 - led the club to 12th place in the Italian top flight.


This season's seventh-place finish could be enough to earn a spot in the Europa League should city rivals Genoa - who were sixth - fail to win their appeal against the Italian Football Federation's decision to prevent them from taking their place in the competition owing to an administration issue.

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