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wwe network free again


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Sky Sports and BT Sport have free weekends, usually when there are big games and events on (BT love to do it when they have an FA Cup match, some NBA action and a UFC show on for instance), Netflix and a bunch of other people give you the first month free as well.


Its just a marketing ploy and a clever one at the moment because of the content already on there and the new stuff getting released at the moment, like the Jericho & Steph podcast/live show which was ok, not as good as the Cena one but quite fun, then you have the King of the Ring, Renee's new show, Corey Grave's new show and Cheap Pops which was, whilst a bit of ego stroking for Foley seen as he is his number 1 mark these days (and I say that as a Foley fan), was pretty decent entertainment as well.


Plus people who are members can quit at any time, resign up and get this month free and then quit again if they are that annoyed. But for £9.99 I actually have come round and enjoyed the hell out of the network. Between that, the £6.99 I pay Netflix (and the free way I access US Netflix as well) and my X-Box I have eliminated my use of Sky TV aside from football.


Seriously, the last two things I watch on Sky TV where the United v Liverpool and the United v Chelsea game, a couple of weeks apart. Aside from that I have watched every Jericho ppv match from 1999 - 2002. I have watched every Brock Lesnar PPV match AND the Ironman on Smackdown v Angle, Steve Austin interviewing HHH and Vince, Jericho interview Cena and Steph, a tonne of ECW, a load of old Nitro's, a special on wrestling giants and nearly every episode of WWE Countdown.


Who cares if it is free this month, even if it wasn't, especially even more since the update that has improved its stability and lag on the X-Box One, I would recommend to anyone to subscribe.


EDIT: Wouldn't it be cool if the WWE actually tried to copy the British version of countdown? Regal could host, Paige could do the numbers and letters, Sandow could do dictionary corner with Renee Young... think about it. You know it would be AMAZING

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Like its already been said the likes of Netflix give you the first month free as standard & that will probably be the case with the network in the not too distant future. I don't see it as a bad thing, I signed up in February when it was free & was more impressed than I expected so I didn't cancel.
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