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UK: Big Brother 16 - Timebomb


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Big Brother: Timebomb will have its live launch on Tuesday, May 12 at 9pm on Channel 5.






Big Brother will play with time during tasks and secret missions to create tension in the house, and billed this year's housemates as "eccentric, entertaining and unique".


Show bosses have promised Mad Men-influenced, '60s-style decor for the new house as part of an "upbeat, glamorous, thrilling and mischievous" series.




The Trailer


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I read "eccentric, entertaining, and unique" and it translates in my brain to "annoying gaggle of w*nkers".
I read it as "we checked as many boxes off as we could, so there will be a vapid beauty, a "quiet one", a loudmouth, a fat one, a funny one... you get the idea".
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Is this worth watching or do the lack of posts reflect how bad this is as no one even bothered watching the launch to see the contestants. I missed it and am now only bothered about the celebrity version as the people in the normal version are either so over the top or do not reflect the people in the real world. I loved the first five series of this after that it was lets just get a gay, a straight a religious one and see if they have a fight. I always watch the launch normally and laugh at how bad they are.
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It's early days yet the first proper highlight show is tonight covering their first full day in the house.


This season they announced the housemates before launch night which probably hasn't helped the excitement around the launch as we had a few days of already knowing who was going in.


I like the house and I think it's a decent enough bunch, we'll know more over the next few days.

















The Housemates


Aaron (24)



Personal Shopper and part time model (gay)


Adjoa (22)



Law student, pastor's daughter and supposedly a devout Christian (lesbian)


Amy and Sally (27)



Amy is a Nightclub Host and Sally a Personal Trainer


Chloe (25)



Office Administrator


Cristian (20)



Musician, rapper and producer plus is studying Biomedical Sciences at University College London

Danny (29)



Played for Margate FC, now working as a demolition man


Eileen (51)



Appeared in cult horror movies


Harriet (22)



Works in a cafe


Jack (23)



Works in McDonalds


Jade (24)



Irish model and student


Joel (19)



One of the youngest community Councillors in Wales, wants to be Prime Minister one day...


Kieran (30)



Former basketball pro, sold his restaurant business now hosts own show on a community radio station


Nick (19)



Rich kid, expelled from 2 schools...has no qualifications


Sarah (24)



Law student from Manchester, self-proclaimed "stuck-up bitch"


Simon (46)



Already evicted on launch night! (thank god)

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Me :-O


I think it's the best lineup Channel 5 have had but unfortunately the ratings aren't doing so well this season. With all the controversy from last season and with Helen winning it, people haven't bothered this season. Although they did start it 3-4 weeks earlier than normal.

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The fact that for years now the housemates picked (apart from the token exception) have all been young, "good looking" people who are "zany" or "whacky" or "bitchy", instead of an actual cross-section of the public like it was in the beginning, is what is putting a lot of people off.
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Looks like Big Brother's got worried about the ratings, massive twist tonight!


As far as the house is aware, the following are up for eviction after receiving the most votes:

  • Aaron
  • Cristian
  • Eileen
  • Jade
  • Joel
  • Nick

However...that's not the case anymore, BB called Jack into the diary room and told him it will be the housemates that have NOT been nominated up for eviction this week. He luckily chose to use one of his immunity passes to save himself. BUT....what he and the rest of the house don't know is BB will be evicting FOUR housemates on Friday. It's gonna be a massacre!


Oh and if Jack tells anyone about who is really up this week, he's been told he'll be booted out of the house too.


Up for eviction:

  • Amy and Sally
  • Chloe
  • Danny
  • Harriet
  • Kieran
  • Sarah

Only 2 to stay! :muhaha:

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I've been watching and enjoying it, but I do generally agree with DC that they do try far to hard to "push", for want of a better term, people who they (often mistakenly) think will make good Tv.


They try and force entertainment by manufacturing drama through stupid tasks and twists rather than just letting it unfold organicly. I particularly hate when they starve them. Watching people moan about how hungry they are isn't good tv.


But like I say, I am enjoying it, mainly because I love Nick, and quite like Sarah too.

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It was obvious Joel didn't know how to react, I can't believe any of the other housemates didn't stop Aaron, instead they encouraged him!


Show starts in a few mins, it will be interesting to see how they pull it off!

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The twins, Harriet, Kieran and Sarah have been evicted!


In their place we have:


Harry, 22




Glamour model, has worked as a dominatrix and as a Babestation webcam girl


Marc, 29




Irish, works as a stripper and is also a Chemistry student


Sam, 27




Scottish, Sri Lankan, lives in Cardiff, bisexual singer/entertainer


And the return of:







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That was absolutely dreadful booking by Big Brother. TNA-esque.


Losing Sarah and getting showbiz? Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to lose their job on creative.


I'm absolutely gutted Sarah has gone. She was probably my second fain favourite behind Nick and actually had some brains unlike the four that have gone in.

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Most fans seem to be upset over losing Sarah and Kieran, I think if they stayed over Chole and Danny it would have been better received.


Personally I don't mind, the show from last night was good and I'm interested to see how things progress going forward.

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I'm quite happy to see the back of Keiron but Sarah and Danny's relationship was one of the more interesting and intriguing things on the show. There's not much else going on thats good to watch. They've messed up letter her go and I think they'll live to regret it from a ratings perspective.
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I've just caught last nights show, well, they are going to be happy anyway. They've gotten the drama that they obviously wanted. This is going to end up with Danny being the hottest white meat babyface in town. He was great last night and the shot at the end of him alone in the living room saying goodbye to his fallen comrades was perfect.


Marc obviously comes from a Geordie Shore-esque style show in Dublin and if he brings that type of banter into the house he's gonna get taken on quickly as proven last night. Either it won't last, or he won't. Danny leading a babyfce faction of Jack, Nick and Christian against the natural heels of Marc and the new housemates could make great TV though. Would still like to see Sarah return down the line somehow though. Maybe as a run to save Danny when he's at his lowest point. That would be great booking :lol

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Good show again tonight. Marc seems to have taken centre stage, have to admit he's made me laugh a few times now. I'm glad he's taking on Jack too, he needed a little kick up the ass, he's been getting on my nerves.


Jade and her walk/expressions/diary room chat :lol:


Sam seems pretty good so far, I'm not sure about Harry, the T&A can only go so far, the rest of the house didn't seem too impressed.


Simon seems pretty quiet (thankfully) but that crying in the diary room was blatantly fake...not a good actor! Not sure who was worse, him or Jade. I didn't like the way he tried to backstab Sam in the Joel talk show task either.

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