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Verne Gagne has passed away


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It was nice to see WWE do a tribute during King of the Ring.


EDIT: Here it is:



And Mean Gene talking about Verne:




EDIT 2: I've just watched it and that's actually a different version to the one that was aired during KOTR.

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- Many wrestling stars attended the funeral for WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne on May 5th in Eden Prairie, MN. Name that attended either the visitation or the funeral were Larry Hennig, Wayne Bloom, Brad Rheingans, Mick Karch, Derrick Dukes, Frankie DeFalco, Jake Milliman, Jim Brunzell, John Nord, Kenny Jay, Gene Okerlund, Dan Jesser, Doug Fisher, Paul Ellering, Steve Olsonoski, Baron Von Raschke, Eddie Sharkey and Bob Backlund.


Okerlund and Greg Gagne delivered eulogies for Gagne. Okerlund finished his by doing an introduction for "the heavyweight champion of the world, Verne Gagne" and it received a standing ovation.


As Greg was giving the eulogy for his father, Backlund reportedly started cutting a heel promo at Greg. This was described as "ridiculously out of place."


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Mr. Bob Backlund! :lol:

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