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King of the Ring: Live on the WWE Network


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During the Extreme Rules PPV they announced that there would be a live King of the Ring special on the WWE Network on Tuesday 28th April. I assume they'll have some qualifiers on Raw tonight.


It seems a bit random/last minute bringing it back this way, I don't get why they didn't just have it as a standalone PPV replacing one of the generic ones.


Who would you like to see take the crown?

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I get why they dont do it as a ppv. The first part of kotr will be in free to view time. Yes first part it will air over multiple days and or weeks. So hook people with the first part and hope they subscribe to see the end.


As to who should win well hard to say as no entrants have being announced. Probably a cocky heel works best. King Sheamus or Barrett maybe?

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Yeah, I'll stick with Barrett as my pick. Possibly beating Neville in the final via nefarious deeds.


In fact, I reckon the entire tournament will go along the lines of:


-Harper gets involved in Sheamus vs Ambrose, costing Ambrose the match.


-Ambrose returns the favour and makes sure Neville beats Harper.


-R-Truth beats Stardust (via Stardust spazzing out about being called Cody)


-Barrett sneaks a win over Ziggler.


-Neville picks up a surprise victory over Sheamus, after taking a thorough whupping


-Barrett wipes the floor with R-Truth leaving him fresh(ish) for the final.


-Neville pushes Barrett to the absolute limit, looks like he's gonna win it, only for Barrett to cheat like a scheming sh*tbag and win the crown via nefarious deeds.


"You wanted a gracious, benevolent, and loving king...but I'm afraid I've got some BAAAAD NEEEEEWS!!"

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Although it was rushed the quality of matches last night were fantastic, all four men put on great displays. I think crowning Barrett was the right choice, I would now put the IC title on him for a few months, have him drop it to Neville then win MITB. Barrett booked strong has great potential.....if he stays injury free
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