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Silent Hills has been officially cancelled


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Well yeah, but did any of us seriously think this would be released without Kojima there to helm it?


I imagine the same kind of tech will be implemented by Kojima in a similar kind of game that'll be released by his new studio. It'll most likely be Silent Hills in everything but name.

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Various reports are coming in that Microsoft are offering Konami a lot of money (some figures have it over US$1billion, but that seems a tad over the odds) to take over the rights to the entire Silent Hill franchise, thus resurrecting Silent Hills as an XBone exclusive.


With the game already being around 80% complete at the time of the cancellation, the feeling is that Konami would be keen to make some money from their initial investment and the deal will be announced at E3.


As I'm a PS4 owner, the exclusivity part is annoying, but I'd much rather have the game see the light of day and there's more chance of a game that exists eventually being ported to PS4 (regardless of how slim that is) than a game that doesn't exist.

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