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WWE Payback 2015 Discussion Thread - May 17, 2015 from Baltimore, MD (#3)


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The third annual WWE Payback will come to you, live on the WWE Network and select pay-per-view providers, on May 17 from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD.


The official theme song for WWE Payback is "Friction" by Imagine Dragons, which is off of their album, "Smoke and Mirrors".




Confirmed Matches/Events


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Fatal 4-Way:

Seth Rollins © vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose


United States Championship: "I Quit" Match:

John Cena © vs. Rusev


WWE Tag Team Championship: 2-out-of-3 Falls:

The New Day © vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd


Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus


King Barrett vs. Neville


The Bella Twins vs. Naomi & Tamina


Kickoff Exclusive:

The Meta Powers vs. The Ascension

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This is a week today.


What do we make of Ambrose being moved up? My original reaction was that they were doing a three-way, so a four-way doesn't make much difference, Ambrose didn't have an obvious guy to work at Payback (The Harper match looked like a blow-off), it would give him a little bit of momentum, make some of the hardcore fans happy to see him elevated and maybe raise his stock for the Money in the Bank match at the next Pay-Per-View. He could always be there to take the fall too and not be much worse off for it. Other people have smelt a heel-turn though in his sudden promotion. Is he being positioned for a heel turn? Does Seth win this clean, do they continue the angle with Kane?


Any Shield teases or shenanigans?

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I can see there being a Hammer of Justice on Orton at some point in the match.


Not to say The Shield reunite, but like other teams who went their separate ways have done and hit their double-team (OK; triple-team in this case) for a nostalgia pop.

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Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt has been added to the card.


Aside from the title matches, this card is kind of lame if you ask me.

Neville v Barrett and Sheamus v Ziggler will be good, leaving only Ryback v Wyatt as the possible dud of the card.
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Neville v Barrett and Sheamus v Ziggler will be good, leaving only Ryback v Wyatt as the possible dud of the card.


Well, The Bella Twins vs. Naomi & Tamina has been added to the card, so the dud of the card might need to be re-assigned :p


Also, the team of Curtis Axel & "Macho Mandow" Damien Sandow will apparently be called, "The Meta Powers".

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I was thinking about the Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt match. If they had Bray steamroller Ambrose without giving him anything, surely they will do the same against Ryback? Or was that just to build him up for Undertaker? I can see them wanting to drag this out for a few months but without Bray losing clean. I was thinking a DQ in a short match where Bray just blasts him repeatedly with a chair or something. But what about the newly reformed Harper and Rowan interfering and putting the Wyatts back together?
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Going off the inactivity in the thread, I take it I was the only person to stay up and watch then?


It was a decent ppv, nothing mind blowing, nothing terrible.


Probably the worst match was the Divas match, mainly as they have continued to play the Bella's as faces but now using, once more, the Daniel Bryan injury card as the reason despite zero build and also because they gave them squat in terms of time. The crowd was dead after the first minute of so, some of the work was sloppy and in the end all it did was further Nikki v Naomi which could have been done on Raw.


Ryback v Bray was a clobbering brawl with the odd power move and could have been a lot worse but both men did look a little shaken and probably potato'd each other a bit.


Neville v Barrett was sloppy with Neville slipping on some occasions, Barrett getting most of the offense and the crowd only really popping for the Red Arrow which was hit after the match. Barrett seems to have to work really hard to draw any kind of heat and I think the fans are beginning to turn on Neville already mainly because he seems forced due to his ring announcement proclaiming him to be the new sensation and such. The office just can't seem to let him get over organically, they want to poke at it.


New Day v Cesaro/Kidd was fun again, full of good spots, Swiss Superman antics and the New Day really beginning to find their feet more as heels as evidenced by their promo during their entrance and their post match promo as well as the finish. As rumoured the tag belts will be on the line in a chamber match at the next PPV as well as confirmed after the match.


Sheamus v Ziggler was hard hitting, some good spots, some retribution for Dolph as well but the finish seemed a bit abrupt, mainly due to Dolph hardway splitting himself open on a head but he dished out to Sheamus, he was crimson from ear to ear and looked shaken up.


Rusev v Cena was fun in a spot fest way that I Quit matches are and both men got to look tough and played their characters to a tee. They recycled the Cena v Umanga finish with a twist but again it was nicely done, nothing too massive and maybe the wrong guy went over but a decent match.


Then there is the main event. God, how over Ambrose and Reigns where during this match, Ambrose more then Reigns I'd say, was incredible. DC called the Triple Powerbomb spot on Orton dead on and it was cool as hell, as was the aftermath. Some good exchanges but the match was not helped by the constant interference by J&J and Kane, who despite it being teased all night made his mind up pretty quickly and with no seeming internal strife and deliberation.

Finish was a bit abrupt, I thought it might just be a near fall but seen as Rollins is sort of without a finish these days I guess it made sense.


In the end they made the right call, only Rollins or Ambrose going off the crowd reaction should have left with the belt and it could be argued that having Ambrose win it now after just being slotted in sort of last minute would be a bad idea. The crowd actually like Rollins and hate him at the same time, its like the can sense he could win matches and be an awesome champ if he wanted to but prefers to take the easy route and despise that but he'd doing fine now as champion - just wonder if they'll make a EC match for the title considering we have two matches of that type already planned?

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I watched for some reason. Didn't like anything, like, literally anything. Didn't hate anything either though, wasn't angry, wasn't sad, wasn't annoyed, wasn't even amused, just didn't get any emotion of really any shade out of anything I saw, and then I went to bed. In a few months, I'll forget I don't like wrestling anymore and I'll watch something and have the exact same opinion, and on it'll go for the rest of my life.
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I watched up to Cena/Rusev live and just finished the rest off now. I'd agree with almost everything you said Gringo, except I'd say the right guy definitely went over in the "I Quit" match. Rusev with the U.S Title again is just the same angle all over again. He was brought in as an anti-American heel, given the big push, the U.S Title and built up solely to feed to the top "Mr. USA" babyface at Wrestlemania. The logical conclusion. He even got a "submission" win over Cena. But he performed really, really well in the role. He's improved immensely and is a new performer who is genuinely fresh and enjoyable. He's only been pinned once (Cena at Wrestlemania). His other losses were where his opponent touched all four corners and his manager screwed him by mistranslating his Bulgarian cries of defiance for a submission (I'm guessing). He's established as an upper-midcard/Main Event guy that is rubbing shoulders with Cena, he gets a reaction and heat in his matches because of all that cheap heat from the year-long anti-Americanism and he seems to have the support from the higher-ups (didn't let Cena beat him cleanly again). Whether he makes it now is all down to what follows the Cena feud, nothing before or during. He has a shot although losing Lana really hurts him, I fear.


I wouldn't say that the office are trying too hard with Neville either. "The New Sensation" is just one of their nicknames like "The Lunatic Fringe" or whatever. You're right though, he's not clicking with me either.


I really enjoy Sheamus but I seem to be the only one. He's one of the best workers in the company, for me. Mostly because he wrestles a slightly different style. He's a snug brawler, and actually wrestles like a big man. I love the look and the way he wrestles. It's nice to see a big man not working the dance style everyone else (except Brock and one or two others) is. He slaps and scratches and kicks and paws and fights moves. He doesn't sell everything equally. He doesn't go down from every running strike, he'll kick-out at at 0 and 1. If someone hits a drop toehold and he's hardly moving he'll go down to one knee and try and get back up. I can watch him vs. Dolph forever because he's the perfect opponent for Dolphs style.



They already have two chamber matches, I can't see them adding a third.

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I really like Sheamus as a heel, I always found him boring as a face. His match with Ziggler was my favourite match of the night.


I enjoyed Cena/Rusev more than I expected to but I hope this feud is over now, 4 ppvs in a row is more than enough.


The main event was enjoyable & the "Shield" spot was the highlight for me as I'm sure it was for a lot of people & I think the right man won. I wonder if that Pedigree was a one off or if its gonna be Seth's new finisher.

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