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I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to Sportsbook. Any Sportsbook comments, suggestions, requests, queries, gripes, bragging etc goes in here.


I have just put up the odds for WWE Extreme Rules 2015 : https://www.talkwhateveronline.com/sportsbook/


I haven't put up Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett yet because it hasn't been confirmed as taking place (if you haven't heard: Daniel Bryan is injured) and because it is still a new feature I'm not totally sure I can void the event and return the bets. I'll work on that. If it gets confirmed before the event: I'll add it.


I'm also thinking about adding a few extra or fun bets. I'm thinking: Brock Lesnar to appear in person, Paul Heyman to appear in person, Kane to attack Rollins, Lana to turn on Rusev. What do you think to those ideas? Any more suggestions?

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