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Elite British Wrestling - MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 2015

Matt Black

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Singles Match (Evening Show): "Mean Machine" Mark Sanders vs "The Righteous" Joseph Connors


In what promises to be perhaps the most explosive match of the night, EBW's heavyweight veteran "The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders squares off against "The Righteous" Joseph Connors.


2015 has thus far proven to be a renaissance period for Sanders, with a string of matches that would, at least for a lesser man, each have been good enough to class as a career best. Names to have fallen to the Mean Machine include "The Prodigy" Paul Malen, "The Hardcore House of Pain" Stixx and even a former WWE superstar and PCW champion in the form of "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.


It's no coincidence, however, that Connors too has been on an upwards trajectory over the past few months. Forming his "Righteous Army" in Southside Wrestling and allying with the likes of Jimmy Havoc and Kay Lee Ray has thus far brought him victories of a questionable nature and the Southside Tag Team titles.


But this is EBW, the Mean Machine's home ground, and Connors will have none of this allies to back him up against the astonishing combination of speed, agility and power that Sanders has used to defeat his opponents. That said, Connors is an unknown quantity in EBW, and will be looking to outwit Sanders as he has so many others, in order to claim the victory.

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Elite British Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match (Evening Show): "Solid" John Green © vs King Dangerous


Five months into his trailblazing reign as EBW Heavyweight Champion, "Solid" John Green has managed to keep a clean sheet with an impressive series of victories over the very best that the roster has to offer in the form of up and coming challengers, all eager for the chance to dethrone him and climb to the top of the company.


But now he faces something entirely different, the inevitable challenge of a former champion, and a man who has both worn the belt on more occasions and for longer than himself. When "Dangerous" Danny Debris claimed the crown and became the king of Elite British Wrestling, he went from the man the fans had cheered to a true force to be feared.


This will be the truest test of John Green's fitness to hold the richest prize in EBW, taking on an opponent who is his equal every physical sense and also a former friend who knows him intimately. Of course to King Dangerous, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, as he already occupies the throne, and a king always gets his way, even when it comes to the EBW Heavyweight Championship.

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Elite British Wrestling Catch Championship Match (Evening Show): Joey D vs "The Iceman" Sam Goodison


At April Anarchy 2015, it seemed as though "The Iceman" Sam Goodison had finally met his match when the rookie sensation that is Joey D took him within mere seconds of the fifteen minute time limit to which all defences of the Elite British Wrestling Catch Championship run, hitting his signature super-kick and rolling the champion up for what the fans in attendance expected to be a count of three.


In the end, like so many others, the challenger fell victim to the deadly combination of the ringside antics of Goodison's valet, Danielle Phoenix and the lighting quick reactions of the Iceman himself, and the champion retained the belt once again.


Such was the controversy surrounding the conclusion of the match, that when the rematch came to be booked for MAYDAY! MAYDAY!, the Elite British Wrestling Championship Committee ruled that it would be fought under a stipulation that requires one man to gain two falls over his opponent in order to claim victory.


Will the need to pin his foe twice prove to be Goodison's undoing? Or will he and his valet have more tricks to pull on the night?

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