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From COW:


There is a growing disparity among WWE viewers. Once upon a time this disparity was between WWE’s creative team (primarily Vince McMahon himself) and the fans, but now it is a fight between the fans themselves.


There are many wrestling fans who discuss the goings-on of WWE programming on various internet sites. These sites include message boards (many of which aren’t focused on pro wrestling, but who have a thread devoted to it), specific sites such as this one that allow for comments and “talk backs” on various articles and news stories, and dedicated pro wrestling fansites, not affiliated with WWE, but with WWE as its primary target of discussion.


These sites used to comprise a specific segment of the WWE Universe. The fans who frequented these sites were called “the IWC” or “Internet Wrestling Community.” The term was coined as an epithet; a way to marginalize a segment of the audience (often the most vocal, stubborn and opinionated segment) and to belittle them as “jobless, overweight “neckbeards” who live in the basements of their parents.”


> R.I.P.I.W.C.

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