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The Great Khali returning to WWE?

The Fury

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Because there are no other popular, decent Indian wrestlers?


Heck, Sonjay Dutt would be better. At least he can wrestle.

The Great Khali is a god to the people of India, so for the purpose of recognition, there is no-one better than him to expand into that area.
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Notes on story regarding Great Khali coming back to WWE

Friday, 10 April 2015 09:33




Dalip Singh Rana aka Great Khali, did an interview with the media in India stating that his contract with WWE was renewed and he is returning to the U.S.


The story stated he had just left India and that the reason he left WWE was to establish his wrestling school in Punjab, which he claimed would be to create Indian native talent for WWE. He claimed now that the school is in operation, he is returning.


However, a response to this story, from WWE, stated, "Khali is not returning to WWE."


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