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State of WWE


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From COW:


April marks the start of WWE’s new year. Sure, the company never takes a vacation and the weekly show never has a season finale (although they bill one episode in September every year as the “season premiere”), and even though WrestleMania has fewer and fewer resolved storylines than it did in the past, it still is such a humongous event that it marks the annual turning point in the company. All eyes are on the product, with this year’s Raw-After-WrestleMania scoring the highest ratings since the Raw 1000 special back in 2012.


> State of WWE (April, 2015)

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A good piece but I don't understand the grading? Why is the prognosis for Cena: Good but Bryan for example is "very strong"? The analysis was good but the grading didn't seem to match it?


Hey I'll tell you my thought process in short:


I look at the potential feuds Bryan will have and I see a lot of guys who he could work with and help elevate.


The fear of working with Cena is, even though he's holding a midcard title, he's still the top guy in the promotion. He's the biggest star they have (not counting Lesnar). So working with him is all risk/all reward. If you win a feud with Cena (not just win a match, but finish the feud with you as the victor) the only place left to go is the top of the card. If you lose the feud with Cena (which most everyone does), then there's no where to go but down. So you lose the feud and move down the card. That's a double whammy.


For those reasons, Bryan has a chance to help elevate the belt by elevating the guys he works with. Cena has the same chance but it's not likely that too many will come out looking better after he's done with them. That's why the hope for the IC title is better than hope for the US title. I see the IC title elevating Sheamus back to the upper card, and after him possibly someone like Neville can be solidified as a major star. I see the US title being a belt that Cena holds for a while, wins every feud and then drops it in a fluke to some heel who ends up not as strong coming out of the feud as a result. So the prognosis is a little less than that of the IC.

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