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John Cena

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If he keeps up the title defences I think it's going to give a big advantage to anyone who has him as Captain. I think the first pick change is going to be very important for quite a few players. Do you replace AJ...or go with replacing one of the higher valuer Superstars with John Cena as your Captain...


Decisions, decisions!

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I am loving John Cena as US Champ. I hope he keeps defending it every week and winning! Having him as my captain is rocking! Anybody else got him?

He has been much more enjoyable towatch with the title in hand. I kinda wish I had picked him now, but I have to dump AJ and possibly Heyman from my team, so swapping out one of my others for Cena may not be worth it with all the dead weight I have.

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@lonewanderer looking at your team...I think you are going to have a difficult job as you said. Personally I would most likely drop AJ in the first pick change and pick someone else in the $400 category. I'd most likely go with Sin Cara since he's one of the few in the bracket (from the ones you haven't picked already) with the most potential considering the Lucha Dragons seem to be doing OK since their debut.


Anyone else who wants to offer tips/advice feel free. I'm sure there are many contemplating their first change for next Monday.

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