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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - April 9, 2015 from Dallas, TX (#816)


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United States: Thursday Night, April 9, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Thursday Night, April 9, at 9PM on SkySportsHD3



American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX


Confirmed Matches/Events


Build to Extreme Rules

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I watched this, probably my first full SmackDown for what has to be nearly six months. I really like the midcard feuds at the minute, Bryan vs. Barrett, Cena's U.S title run if he appears and Sheamus vs. Dolph so I thought I'd give it a shot. A good sized crowd (more than Raw in Austin) that seemed to be into it (it's hard to tell with the horrible sound editing and tweaking). It was OK. Barrett and Sheamus looked pretty good swaggering down the ramp together as cocky heels. I wouldn't mind a loose, European affiliation there. The opening promo was quite nice. The tag match (New Day vs. Cesaro & Kidd), Neville Squash (over Axel) and Wyatt/Rowan were all solid. New Day are actually a little bit interesting now.


At least they tried to make a little bit of a thing out of Rowan vs. Wyatt happening out of nowhere on a random SmackDown. It got the Rowan promo from when they split up, a Wyatt promo pre-match and his mannerisms after. That at least gave it something. I was hoping that this would be Wyatt's next feud, culminating in Rowan coming back with him and then moving onto Harper. It would keep Bray busy all for a while and in feuds he can win and end up with the Wyatt family back together which has to be the stronger idea now? I like Rowan, he has a great look and is solid and improving in the ring. Keep him stronger in a team than job him out to Big Show all the time.


I took my eye off the women's match because they made it clear it was a filler match until the Divas battle Royal on Monday. I'm sure Natalya and Alicia Fox were fine. Cameron seemed to be doing fine, heel ref work.


The main event was pretty solid. Roman with just a hot tag and a spear on Barrett for the win. I've no problem with Barrett losing to Reigns in a melee after getting some stuff in, so. Clean finish. Babyfaces win. None of the Extreme Rules matches hurt. Solid show.

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