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Talk Whatever Online Subscriber Scheme


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In the past I've had members ask me about offering donations towards the cost of running Talk Whatever Online, so the Talk Whatever Online Subscribers group was setup. This allows you to support the site and receive a few additional benefits as a thank you.


What will I receive as a Subscriber?

  • The ability to add a custom user title to appear under your username
  • A 'Subscriber' banner under your custom user title
  • Access to 'The Champagne Room' forum
  • Upload a custom avatar = up to 102400 bytes
  • Signatures with up to 320 characters, 10 lines and up to 7 links
  • Tag members in posts = up to 15 per message
  • Add media to your personal albums = up to 50mb, maximum file size = 5mb / up to 15 images at a time

Best of all, you’ll be helping me pay the running and maintenance costs of the site!


Cost: £8 (about $16) per year. It is non-reoccurring, so after a year you’ll have to re-subscribe again if you would like to continue.


Please note:


- This is a VOLUNTARY scheme, those of you that do not or cannot donate, that’s fine, you still will be able to use the forum as normal.


- Subscribers must still follow all the rules and terms & conditions of Talk Whatever Online like everyone else.


- Any Subscribers that are banned/suspended for breaking rules will not receive refunds.


- Talk Whatever Online cannot guarantee 100% uptime for its forums. There maybe periods where the site is inaccessible.


- All site related decisions remain mine, Subscribers can offer suggestions like everyone else but ultimately the final decision is with me.


How do I join?


Just go to the Account Upgrade page and follow the instructions from there.


Payment can be arranged through Paypal. Please remember to include your forum username!


I've paid, now what?


Once your payment has been processed your forum account will be moved to the "Subscriber" usergroup automatically (its not always instant). Once there, you will be able to view the The Champagne Room forum in the main menu.



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