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Guest pheadley
still watching the old school raws, flair losing his career in wwf with vince saying its downhill from here for flair. and the return of hogan.... again.
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Guest Jayfunk
As long as he doesn't start sounding like him then we are safe :)
Yeah; nothing worse than a Dusty Rhodes promo (!)

I have to give that to you, DC. A rare funny but still.

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Guest Edgehead
Its a nice little tool to have at your disposal. I thought I was just in it for the free February but here we are in March & I've handed over my first £9.99. I'm far more impressed than I thought I would be
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Mine's been fine, I was on it last night watching Enzo be badass on NXT.


Although, what I have found with my Xbox is every now and then I have to yank the power cable and hard reset it, because some of the apps decide they don't want to play along. YouTube and the Destiny Servers are buggers for it.


Try pulling the power cable out for a minute, plugging it back in, and starting it up again, see if that helps?

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It started working about five minutes after I made that post. I've never had YouTube play up for me though or Destiny, but the next time it decides to play up I'll give a hard reset a go.


You do know that holding down on the power button on the outside of the X-Box also does a hard reset, you don't have to yank power cables out Chris - I fear for your X-Box at the moment lol.

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can anyone recommend any really good old school raw matches


Mick Foley v Terry Funk - Falls Count Anywhere (May 1998)

Shawn Michaels v Marty Jannetty - IC Title Match (July 1993)

Shawn Michaels v Shelton Benjamin (May 2005)

Mr. Perfect v Ric Flair - Loser Leaves the WWE (January 1993)

Triple H v Taka Michinoku (April 2000)

Crispen Wah & Jericho v Triple H & Steve Austin (May 2001)

Bulldog v Owen Hart - Final of the European Championship Tournament (1997)

Bret Hart v Hakushi (sometime in 1995)

Bret Hart v 1-2-3 Kid - WWE Championship Match (July 1994 - one of my favourite matches of all time)

Triple H & The Radicals v Cactus Jack, Rikishi & Too Cool (February 2000)

Cactus Jack v Triple H - Falls Count Anywhere (1997)

Undertaker v Jeff Hardy - Ladder Match for the WWE Undisputed Title (July 2002)

Trish v Lita - WWE Women's Championship (December 2004)


Also, while not "old school" per se, HBK v Cena from London in 2007 should also be looked up.

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Guest The B-Man
I'm having series issue on the x-box one. Videos keep either freezing or throwing me out all together this last week or so. Anyone any thoughts?
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I had a problem watching WrestleMania XX today; it kept putting me back to the opening anthem and when I tried to skip it would throw me to the selection screen.


Apart from that though, it was fine. Wasn't an "age of the footage thing" or a "Krispen Wah is involved thing" either as Survivor Series 2003 was fine.

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Guest Edgehead
Watched the first ever Nitro which I'd never seen apart from the Lex Luger bit which I've seen hundreds of times & also watched Kane v Mankind from Survivor Series 97 which was Kane's in ring debut & it was cool how they kept the red lights on throughout the match. Its a shame to see what a joke the Kane character has become because he really was quite scary back then.
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I dunno about the age thing, a lot of the older WCW, ECW and WWE PPV's have issues with buffering but then again they are fine if you leave them to just play but once you skip a match then oh boy does it like a strop.


My biggest issue with Mania XX is the fact that once you get past the entrances of the main event the program ends despite the timer at the bottom making you believe its not going to. I know why they did it (He who should not be named wins the title) but then why show the entrances or include it in the play list whilst at the same time keep other matches in? Keep the blanket all inclusive or get rid.

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Watched it yesterday and it was fine right until all three men where in the ring and then it cut out and asked if I wanted to watch from the beginning. So I started it fresh, skipped to the end of Goldberg v Lesnar and then fast forwarded past where it cut off last time, thinking it might have been a one time glitch.


As soon as I stopped the fast forward process it started to load and then again jumped to the menu again, claiming I had watched the entire show.


If it is working for you now Matt then hopefully it was a problem they sorted yesterday but it just seemed a weird coincidence that a certain wrestlers biggest moment happens at the end of that PPV and the WWE has had a well known media blackout against that person since, well you know the rest.

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