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WWE is dropping numbers from WrestleMania "branding" going forward


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According to the report, it's because it makes the event seem old.


Now, to me, the numbers are a good thing. It's not making the event look old, it's showing that there is a history behind it. I mean, with the main PPVs, we always have Michael Cole welcome us to the "**th annual SummerSlam / Royal Rumble / Survivor Series" and it gives the event a sense of prestige.

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Isn't the event seeming old a good thing? That's the only reason people are even buying it in the first place, because of it's prestigious reputation. If this is true, and I have a tiny doubt, just because it's so weird, then it's particularly out of character given Vince's tradition of pretending WrestleMania is up there with real sporting events like the Super Bowls, or even just UFC shows (who, incidentally, also tried to get rid of numbered events, failed, gave up, and went back to numbers themselves).
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I agree with Vince, after all, using Roman numerals into latter numbers really hurt the appeal of the Super Bowl to people didn't it?


Silly Vince.


The numbers will be back.


Its funny, the current WM logo looks complete shit as do all the PPV logos now, but if you go back into the 80's, the logos were f*cking awesome! How, with way better technology to be able to create better logos, can they get worse?!


Compare this stuff:












Come onnnnnnnn man!

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I don't think it *necessarily* makes a difference since everyone will know which number Wrestlemania we're on anyway, but it doesn't matter at all if it looks 'old' or not. But this is Vince, who changed town names to make them seem less small-time and hires young, sh*t announcers because fans only want attractive young men to not look at during matches.
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Its true about the logo's. The older ones are tonnes better. Used to always be drawing them at school, but the new ones are just boring.

It probably is just Vince feeling old. Next up he'll be banning all talk of any historic champions from over two years or something.

Why must they **** about with everything man?

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