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Hearthstone all the way! A lot of players complain about the RNG in the game, but I find it to be a good blend of skill, strategy, and dumb luck. If you are looking for a more competitive game give MTG: Arena a shot. For me, I do enjoy the competitive side of Hearthstone, but I find the game more enjoyable and much faster than Magic: The Gathering was when I used to play that in this weird place called the real world. Online only FTW.
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I've been playing League of Legends pretty faithfully for years now. I just recently got into Starcraft 2 and am really enjoying it. It's not really a change of pace due to the relentless and fierce competition in both games, but it's nice to do something other than complain about the jungler! :)
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Last game I've played (beside short sessions of Agar.io, or some minutes of MMO playtesting) is League of Legends. I spent probably thousands of hours on that game, could play for a complete day non-stop. I enjoyed doing support with Nami, Sona and Braum (had trouble aiming with Thresh or Blitz).
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I'm currently playing Halo: Infinite Multiplayer. I want to play the campaign, but I'm waiting until coop comes next year, so I can team up with my wife on it.

Recently beat:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy - This was a surprisingly fun game
  • Superliminal - This was my favorite puzzle game since Portal
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5 hours ago, melaniaaachen said:

Recently, I have been increasingly playing various kinds of online games. Most of all I like to play online poker or roulette, as well as Counter Strike, Dota2 and Butterfield.

Butterfield 😅😅

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