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Some changes...


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We've had a long run with our current Forum Leader / Senior Moderator team but that's about to change...


Paul will be stepping down as Senior Moderator - having joined in 2004, becoming a US Scene Forum Leader in January 2005 and Senior Moderator in November 2005! I don't think anyone has had such a quick jump to power since joining the forum :lol I can't underestimate enough the contribution Paul had made to the site!


Boyo will also be stepping down as one half of the Sports Forum Leader team after over 3 years in the role! As with Paul, Boyo's been a great addition to the team and has helped the site a great deal.


Thankfully both are not leaving the site so you should continue to see them around :)


I've also decided to de-mod Jimmy Redman [AWOL] as it makes sense to do all these changes at the same time. If Jimmy returns, the Senior Mod position would be reinstated.


Due to the above:


The Sports forum will now have a 3 man Forum Leader team consisting of BRM, King and the latest member to join the team, Magic! It's clear to see King's and Magic's passion for sports so I'm sure you'll agree they'll be a great asset to the forum. King will also retain his Video Games Forum Leader spot.


dsrchris has also been promoted to Senior Moderator, I'm sure he can fill Paul and Jimmy Redman's boots...no pressure! :D

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"Talk Wrestling Online has come to terms on the release of Paul and Boyo as of today, July 20th, 2014. TWO wishes them both the best in all of their future endeavours."
Sad to see The Dark Alliance retire from active modding.


"In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, Talk Wrestling Online has suspended James Padre Pio Redman (Jimmy Redman) until further notice effective immediately for his first violation of the company's policy."
I'm sure we'll see him again once he's received the help he needs.


Well done, deeser and Magic.

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Well done to Magic and Dsr, and a big shout out to me ol' mucker Darkstar (aka: "Paul"). For all you TWOites who know about TWOStars tag team legends The Dark Alliance (all of you, surely) I want to point out I had no clue Darky was stepping down, but I think we contacted Kam about the stepping down pretty much the same time. The old synergy's still there, maybe we should reform! :P


Had a nice time modding, so thanks to Kam and BRM, and best of luck to Magic :xyx



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