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IMPACT WRESTLING - 19th June 2014

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit






Sands Bethlehem Event Center - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 19th June on SpikeTV at 9/8c - LIVE

UK: Sunday 22nd June on Challenge at 9pm


The Aftermath Of Slammiversary

19th June 2014


Preview tonight's huge LIVE "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c.


Tonight's "IMPACT WRESTLING" will feature the aftermath from "Slammiversary". Overcoming all the odds stacked against him, Eric Young won the three-way Steel Cage Match against Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. What's next for EY and his World Title reign? Tune in tonight to find out.


Plus, how will the Director of Wrestling Operations MVP react to what happened at "Slammiversary"? Not only did MVP miss out on his shot at the World Title due to injury, but Kenny King and Bobby Lashley failed in their bid to win the gold as well. Plus, MVP still has to deal with TNA President Dixie Carter as she reasserts her power in TNA. Is MVP's empire crumbling - or will he continue to rule with an iron fist? Find out more on "IMPACT WRESTLING".


Ethan Carter III continues his incredible debut year in TNA as he defeated Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match at Slammiversary. After his stunning win what is next for EC3?


Tonight's broadcast will also feature the return of TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell.


All this and much more on "IMPACT WRESTLING" tonight at 9/8c LIVE on SpikeTV, including news from "Slammiversary" with the big announcement that Team 3D is going into the TNA Hall of Fame, Sanada retaining the X Division Championship, Angelina Love still the top Knockout, and much more!



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Guest FreeSpirit







Airing This Sunday in The UK


A video recapped the TNA Championship picture at Slammiversary. MVP and crew made their ring entrance. The crowd chanted that MVP couldn't wrestle and MVP said it was true because he was hurt. He transitioned to the storyline and said Dixie Carter got the Board of Directors to issue him an official reprimand. He said he was ordered to give a fair main event at Slammiversary, which he did, but he didn't really think it was fair. He said he wasn't going to let a stuffed shirt tell him how to run his show again and tonight, it was going to be unfiltered MVP. He told Eric Young to bring his ass out.


EY came to the ramp and said he was on a roll. MVP accused EY and Austin Aries of colluding together to keep Bobby Lashley from getting a fair chance for the title. EY said he didn't have any patience and was coming to the ring to beat MVP's ass right now. MVP said he was hurt and EY knew it. Kenny King took the mic and yelled that he was going to beat EY for the title right now. MVP snatched the mic away and looked at King. EY called Earl Hebner out and they went to the ring.


Eric Young vs. Kenny King (w/MVP and Bobby Lashley) for the TNA Championship. EY started fast and the crowd was hot for him. King dumped EY to the floor and MVP and Lashley closed on him. Aries, Samoa Joe, and the Wolves came down and acted as a human shield. Back in the ring, King started stringing together offense, but EY hooked a small package out of nowhere for the win.


Eric Young retained the TNA Championship at 3:43.


A video showed MVP roughing up the timekeeper during the break and coming back from break because he rang the bell when King "obviously" kicked out. EY and company ran out and attacked MVP's crew. Security ran out and they all brawled. MVP and crew finally made it back to the ring and MVP said his kindness was over. He said EY would defend the title again against Lashley, and security would escort every person out of the building until only King and MVP were left.


MVP tried to book the tag titles in a match and got flustered. He finally booked the Wolves defending in a triple threat against the team of Samoa Joe and Austin Aries and a third team. MVP demanded Earl Hebner come to the ring and he did. MVP threatened to slap him but the people would write letters about MVP slapping a senior citizen. He fired Hebner and told him to take his shirt off.


Brian Hebner ran down and tried to defend his dad. MVP said if he had a heart it might matter. He told Brian to step aside, which he did, and King snatched the ref shirt off Hebner. MVP let Hebner speak. Hebner said he loved this business for 37 years but guys like MVP make him hate it. He said he loved the fans. MVP said maybe they would take up a collection for his bills and told Hebner to leave. He screamed for his music to play.


Backstage, Dixie and EC3 walked up. Dixie said she had no comment on MVP as he was just backing up everything she said to the Board. She put over EC3's win at Slammiversary and he did the same. She said she flew in Helga for a message for him and EC3 went to get his rub-down.


Samoa Joe and Aries made their entrance as a video showed Hebner being escorted from the building. Backstage, EY complained about Hebner being fired. His phone rang, and he told the person on the phone he needed him tonight. He hung up and left his phone. The camera showed it was Kurt Angle. The Wolves made their entrance. The third team was Willow and Abyss.


The Wolves vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries vs. Willow and Abyss for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Willow and Aries started. Abyss and Joe ended up in the ring. They did a spot where Joe and Aries each had a submission on and the Wolves broke it up. The Wolves teased a dive on Joe and Aries but Joe and Aries out smarted them and hit the dives instead. It was poorly done. Tommy Dreamer was shown arriving going into the break.


There was about one minute in the last quarter after the break. The Wolves worked in control on Aries. Joe and Abyss ended up with hot tags and took everyone else out. Smoehow Willow got the tag and dove backwards off the top rope onto the Wolves and Joe and Aries in a crazy spot. Willow went for the Swanton on Davey. Davey got the knees up and Eddie grabbed Willow for their combination backbreaker and the win. The Wolves retained at 13:03.


Backstage, King asked MVP why he was worried about Angle. MVP said Angle was a gold medalist. King said he would take care of him. MVP mocked him and said their plan would come to fruition tonight and they couldn't let anyone stop them. He mentioned Angle's hurt knee and they stopped to think about it.


The announce team ran through the setup for Tommy Dreamer's appearance. They showed some of the tweets, but they were small and hard to read. Dixie and Spud headed toward the ring for Tommy Dreamer's live mic.


A video recapped all the MVP storyline from tonight. Joe and Aries were shown being escorted from the building. The Wolves walked up on MVP and MVP told them they weren't being escorted out yet. He said they were going to defend the titles again against Bram and Magnus. The Wolves told him to be careful what he wished for.


Dixie and Spud made their entrance. Dixie said EC3 destroyed Bully Ray so much he wasn't even there tonight. He told Bully she would never go through a table and everybody was going to learn she knew how to run the company. She transitioned to Tommy Dreamer, but acted like she didn't know his name and had Spud fill her in. She called Dreamer out, and he came to the ring to a great pop.


Dixie said Dreamer had been slandering her on social media and she was giving him this forum to apologize for what he had said. Dreamer said they had always gotten along personally, but what he had to say was business. He talked about how they met and Dixie no sold it. Dreamer said they put Hardcore Justice together and gave a bunch of guys from ECW closure, but she did it all for the fans.


Dreamer said he sits at home and is embarrassed to be a professional wrestler when he watches TNA. He said like many other people, he wanted to see Dixie succeed because there were men and women on her payroll who deserved it. He said it had become the Dixie show and pointed out she wasn't a wrestler.


Dreamer started to ramble a little and said he had given up until he saw her pop for Kevin Von Erich at Slammiversary with her family. He told her to do the right thing and to listen to the fans. Dixie embraced Dreamer and nodded. Then she kneed him in the nuts. She asked if he knew who she was. EC3 ran out and beat up Dreamer a little bit before the heels left him laid out.


Kurt Angle arrived backstage to King and Lashley holding pipes. He said he was just there to talk to MVP and King went to get him. Angle looked Lashley up and down and said, "Nice pipe.".


Angle was backstage with more security as MVP walked up. He told Angle to sit tight and Angle agreed. Angle said "His pipe is bigger than yours." King was upset, but something happened to the audio and I didn't hear what he said. Angle was proud of himself…


The Wolves vs. Bram and Magnus for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Eddie took the quick heat and got the hot tag to Davey. Davey setup a dropkick on Magnus that also had Magnus DDT Bram. Eddie setup for a finisher, but Bram ran in and threw a chair at him to cause the DQ.


The Wolves retained the TNA Tag Team Championships at 4:18.


The English types beat down the Wolves with chairs afterward. They setup Davey with the chair around the throat, but Willow and Abyss made the save… Backstage, MVP walked up on Baby Hebner and mocked him for crying about Earl getting fired. MVP told Brian that if he wanted to continue to be paid, he would count one, two, three on EY. Taryn Terrell was shown backstage. She has lost the baby weight.


Bram and Magnus were asked about walking away from a fight and Magnus said they were paid to do a different job, beat up the Wolves. Willow flew into them and he and Abyss beat them down until they escaped.


Gail Kim introduced Terrell. Kim cut a promo about not liking Terrell when she came into the company, but she earned her respect when they went to war. They hugged as Terrell got a good "Welcome back" chant. Terrell said she took the time of to have a baby and it meant a lot for Kim to respect her. She pointed out they were tied in their feud so they should have another match to settle who was the best.


The Beautiful People came out and Angelina cut a promo on Kim. She reminded Kim she beat her at Slammiversary so that meant her opinion didn't matter. She stopped and said she needed to "formerly" introduce herself to Terrell and kicked her. The Beautiful People teamed up on Kim, but Taryn recovered and helped Kim fight them off.


Backstage, MVP talked to Angle and Angle asked MVP he was doing the right thing. MVP laughed and asked if Angle was really trying to stop him with some "Dr. Phil mumbo jumbo." He threatened Kurt with getting hurt and told him to either get with them or get out of his building. King got in Angle's face and Angle dropped him with one shot. He turned on Lashley and asked what he was going to do. Lashley just looked at him and Angle finally walked off.


Kim and Terrell were being thrown out of the building. Jeremy Borash said there was nobody left backstage. MVP walked up and asked if he was sure everyone was gone. JB said he looked and couldn’t find anyone. MVP said he was still there and security tossed JB. MVP told the cameraman to put the camera down and leave, which the cameraman did.


Lashley made his ring entrance with MVP and King. Christie Hemme introduced them, Taz and Tenay talked about it, and we got to see it so I guess only the backstage cameraman got ejected. EY was out next.


Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley (w/MVP and Kenny King) for the TNA Championship. EY hit a crossbody on the floor quickly, but when he tried again in the ring, Lashley caught him and hit a fallway slam.


EY took some more heat from Lashley and Lashley setup for the Dominator. EY escaped and hit the piledriver. He covered, but Kenny King pulled the ref from the ring before he could count the fall. EY pulled King up on the apron. He went to hit him but King ducked and grabbed EY. Lashley charged, but hit King. EY dropped Lashley and went to the top rope for the elbow. Lashley rolled out of the way and hit a spear for the win.


Bobby Lashley won the TNA Championship at 9:11.


Post-match, King put EY's arm in a chair and started stomping on it as Lashley went to the floor. Bobby Roode came running through the crowd and scared off MVP. He tossed Kenny King out of the ring, but King ran back and tried to attack and got tossed again. Lashley tried to jump in a few times but Roode kept him at bay as MVP tried to figure out what was going on!

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Guest FreeSpirit
7 hours of TNA to go through starting right now. This and last week's episode along with Slammiversary before the World Cup matches get underway this afternoon!! :eek
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Some good news for TNA at last:




- TNA Impact had the best number in a while this week with a jump of over 300,000 additional viewers from the previous week for the fallout from Slammiversary. Slammiversary was considered to be a pretty good pay-per-view and Impact that followed was equally good. The show pulled in 1.3 million viewers. It was the best number for Impact since the April 10 show.

(From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter)


I caught some of this show after Big Brother :P...I thought the Dixie/Dreamer confrontation was pretty good:



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Guest Jayfunk
Dixie is f*cking awful, she really is. People slated Vickie but at least Vickie was entertaining. Dixie sounds like a southern american version of Delia Smith in that Norwich halftime talk.


While Dixie is awful, Vickie is in no way entertaining, nope, never ever.

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Guest pheadley
havent really watched tna in a few months and i only started watching about 2 maybe 3 years ago when roode cracked james storm on the head with a beer. loved that storyline, austin aries and aces and eights till they revealed who they were. thats when my interest pretty much stopped. i just couldnt take wes briscoes acting either he always looked like he was struggling to do a number 2.
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