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The Premier League 2014/15

Guest dpddave

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Guest dpddave

Fixtures were released today, some key dates -


August 23rd: Manchester City v Liverpool


September 20th: Arsenal v Tottenham


September 20th: Manchester City v Chelsea


September 27th: Liverpool v Everton


November 1st: Manchester City v Manchester United


November 8th: Liverpool v Chelsea


November 22nd: Arsenal v Manchester United


December 13th: Manchester United v Liverpool


January 31st: Chelsea v Manchester City


February 7th: Tottenham v Arsenal


February 7th: Everton v Liverpool


February 28th: Liverpool v Manchester City


March 21st: Liverpool v Manchester United


April 11th: Manchester United v Manchester City


May 9th: Chelsea v Liverpool


May 16th: Manchester United v Arsenal


Opening day -


Leicester City vs. Everton

Burnley vs. Chelsea

Newcastle vs. Manchester City

West Brom vs. Sunderland

Stoke City vs. Aston Villa

Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace

Manchester United vs. Swansea City

Queens Park Rangers vs. Hull City

Liverpool vs. Southampton

West Ham vs. Tottenham


And the full list is here - http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/matches.html?paramClubId=ALL&paramComp_8=true&view=.dateSeason

Edited by John Hancock
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Well sh*t. If West Brom aren't in a safe position by April 25th, we're pretty much screwed. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest we're pretty much screwed this season anyways.


Looks like we've got most diffcult end to the season, we'll be playing 4 out of the probable top 5 in our home stretch.


On the upside we could totally partypoop any of those teams who are vying for top spot, but most likely we're gonna take a lamping as the main teams try to finish strongly.



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Guest John Hancock
That whole "Opening Day" is August 30th, because that's when Chelsea play Everton. Chelsea's real opening game is against Burnley on the 16th. Fixed it now. Edited by John Hancock
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If you look at Villa's first five games, barring a miracle I expect them to be bottom of the table with maybe, just maybe, one point.


Unless Benteke gets fit for the start of the season and firing on all cylinders as well as some decent signings coming in I can see them having a horrid season simply caused by a lack of confidence suffered by the battering they will get in those games.


Predictions for who is going down?




Burnley (sorry BRM)

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In some incredibly important news, Nacho Monreal has moved to shirt #18 and "Alexis" will be #17. Gibbs is now #3, Gnabry has moved from #44 to #27(? I think), and Gedion Zelalem has made the significant move from something like #58 to #35. Giddy times.



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Guest Jayfunk
Made a £500 bet with my mate last night that Arsenal would finish above United. Easy.. Money.

No champions league, New Manager, Large Transfer Fund, I wouldn't have bet £500, I can see liverpool who lost there best player brought in meh players thus far dropping out the top 4, as Arsenal basically owns the forth spot i can see united in 3rd

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Guest Jayfunk
I just think its funny how many people write of United every year, they have had one bad season in 20, and Liverpool did benefit from being not in europe last year
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