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Something ate a 9 foot Great White Shark but what....

Guest Yodahew

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Guest Yodahew



A huge 9-foot-long great white shark was eaten by an even bigger “mystery sea monster,” according to scientists.


Researchers had tagged the healthy shark to track its movements as part of a study, but were shocked when the tracking device washed up on a beach in Australia four months later.


Data captured on the device showed there was a rapid temperature rise from 46 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit along with a sudden, sharp 1,902-foot plunge.


The researchers believe the data proves it was eaten by something much bigger, saying the temperatures recorded indicate that the shark went inside another animal’s digestive system.


The only theory they have so far is that that shark was gobbled up by a “colossal cannibal great white shark.”


The case is detailed in an upcoming documentary by the Smithsonian Institute, called the “Hunt for the Super Predator,” which draws from an earlier Australian documentary, “The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator.”


“When I was first told about the data that came back from the tag that was on the shark, I was absolutely blown away,” filmmaker Dave Riggs says in the documentary.


“The question that not only came to my mind but everyone’s mind who was involved was, ‘What did that?’ It was obviously eaten. What’s gonna eat a shark that big? What could kill a [9-foot] great white?”




This appeared in the last couple of days. What do you think killed and ate this shark?

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Guest Fatherof10minis

Orcas have been known to eat great whites and they are much larger than 9 foot. Also i have heard of sperm whales attacking sharks in defense of their young.


The idea that it may be a giant squid to me is the most intriguing one. Simply because they are so elusive and have been seen on camera alive so few times and we dont know how big they can really get.


There is also the megalodon theory but that topic gets controversial. Sorry but i am one of those who always hopes that species such as megalodon and bigfoot and loch ness and other mysterious creatures are real just because.

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Do whales swim to that depth? Also they can only stay submerged for 90 minutes. Besides their internal temperature is more than 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It sits around 99° F.


I'm calling either colossal squid, bigger shark, or some sea beast we don't know about. Personally I hope it's the latter because discovering a new super predator species would be awesome as long as it's not a kaiju or Cthulhu.

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Guest John Hancock

So, this story makes an appearance in Cracked's "Bullshit News Stories That Fooled Your Friends" series. Turns out the story is over a year old, and the documentary the clip is from actually answers the question. It was another, bigger shark. Nine foot isn't particularly big for a great white shark, the current record holder is 23 feet. Lol at the New York Post for recycling news stories from films before they finish watching them.


Also, from the same source;


- A woman didn't have sex with a dolphin

- A kid didn't write a "hilarious" letter from camp about shitting all over the place

- Romantic pad-locks aren't causing bridges to collapse

- A zookeeper didn't shoot a man in a gorilla suit by accident

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