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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit





The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Official Website HERE


The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Wednesday 23rd July to Sunday 3rd August 2014


The 2014 Commonwealth Games, officially the XX Commonwealth Games, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland over 11 days of competition from Wednesday 23rd July to Sunday 3rd August 2014.


There will be 70 participating nations at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland, although the country previously hosted the 1970 and 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. Over the last 10 years, however, Glasgow and Scotland had staged World, Commonwealth, European, or British events in all 17 sports proposed for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, including the World Badminton Championships in 1997.


The Commonwealth Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome precinct is situated at Parkhead in the East End of the city, the velodrome itself will be opposite Celtic Park, which will be used for the opening ceremony. These venues will host Badminton as well as Track cycling.


The Road cycling and Cycling Time-trial events will start and finish at Glasgow Green. Glasgow Green will also be the venue for Field hockey and will see the construction of a new Glasgow Green Hockey Centre.


Tollcross International Swimming Centre, will be the venue for Swimming events. It already has one Olympic standard 50 metre swimming pool, which will be extensively upgraded, and a second 50 metre pool is also to be added for the Games as a warm-up facility. The existing permanent seating capacity will also be increased by 1000. Combined with additional temporary seating there will be over 5,000 seats for the Games in 2014.


Ibrox Stadium, in the South Side, is the planned venue for the Rugby Sevens tournament. Mountain biking will be held on the Cathkin Braes in Rutherglen, the Royal Burgh neighbouring the City. The Marathon will also begin and end at Hampden Park in the South Side, which is hosting all the track and field events as well as the closing ceremony.


The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, located in the West End of the city, will host Wrestling, Judo and Boxing, as well as the Main Press Center and the International Broadcast Centre, benefiting from its strategic position adjacent to the headquarters of BBC Scotland and STV at Pacific Quay. The Clyde Auditorium will host Weightlifting, whilst the new Scottish Hydro Arena will be used for the Gymnastics and Netball events.


Kelvingrove Park, also in the city's West End, will be the venue for Bowls and already has five bowling greens installed for competitive use. A comprehensive upgrade and refurbishment of the park is underway. Scotstoun Leisure Centre will host Table tennis and Squash.


The Shooting competitions will take place at the Ministry of Defence full-bore rifle and clay target ranges at Barry Buddon, near Dundee, which were also used in the 1986 Commonwealth Games. There will be temporary ranges built for the small-bore rifle and pistol events.


Diving will be held at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, located 45 miles (72 km) to the east, which will also be holding the annual Edinburgh Festival at the same time as the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Strathclyde Country Park, beside Hamilton and Motherwell, will host the Triathlon event!



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The Commonwealth Games


Not many folk on here will care (going by the lack of a thread already) but the twentieth Commonwealth Games are taking place in Glasgow; I was up there tonight - not even attending any events, but just taking in the atmosphere and amazing weather.


I was down on Glasgow Green where there's a free Live Event Zone set up, with entertainment for kids, a live stage with bands and the like, and tons of food trucks, bars and big screens to soak it all up. I was lucky enough to watch the swimming tonight when Scotland's Daniel Wallace picked up a Gold, and the place went absolutely insane!


Even in the city centre, just the buzz is incredible - it's a whole different city. These games are doing wonders for my home town, and the BBC coverage has been incredible, it's made the city look stunning.


Scotland are so far above and beyond all expectations with medals; Gold in Judo and Swimming so far.


It's honestly made me a wee bit homesick that I live outside the town and can't take more of it in. I'm taking Shawn to see the Rugby 7s on Sunday, and I can't wait.

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Guest Steely

Was at the women's hockey yesterday at the green, was quite a big crowd for it with all four stands having lots of people in them.


Was an absolutely belting day weather wise and I've gone and gotten my pasty scottish skin all burnt

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Guest John Hancock
I was reading the Times earlier, and they were talking about the surprising lack of politics. The said the English aren't getting any booing, and seem to be Scotland's second favourite team, whilst, at the opening ceremony, The Queen got a bigger cheer than Alex Salmond. They were framing it as a firm kick in the dick to the separatists because there doesn't seem to be any nationalist, anti-British rabble-rousing.
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Yeah its fantastic. They get that it's not about politics here


But the yes voters with their theories on the net ****ing infuriate me. claiming British defence s made red white blue smoke for pro voters, that the guy who won gold chanted freedom for yes vote. Funny thing is he can't vote and was saying it because of brave heart


The smug voters need to stay away from the games period

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The games are over and I am happy with the majority of it. The fans behaved themselves apart from a couple of dicks bringing politics into it. Kudos Glasgow kudos


Oh and first indy poll ref has come out with yes vote losing more support with 40% and no with 46%

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Watching this opening video package for the Games... the head of the Commonwealth Games committee says it's been the "standout event" of the Games' history. Hell yeah! This video package is superb.


It's making me a wee bit teary eyed in places.

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cyclists invade the road race course at 6.30am. Some great views of the city, and man, that course is brutal, especially Montrose Street

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