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Wrestling podcasts


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Guest straight3dge
Steve Austin's podcast, Colt Cabana's, Chris Jericho's and Ring Rust Radios (Done by Bleacher report journalists, but happens to be my favorite)
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Guest Ciaran The King
I listen weekly to Steve Austin and JR and also depending on the content matter then I listen to Pro Wrestling Torch
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Guest Vanillascooper
I listen to many podcasts, I listen to all of The LAW Podcasts, most of the MLW Podcasts, Colt Cabanas, Both of Steve Austins, Wrestling Soup, I listen to JRs, Jerichos, & Pipers depending on who the guest is. I think the Guys on the LAW have a great line up & always listen to their stuff first.
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Guest John Hancock
Ten posts and nobody's mentioned this ? We collectively give up. We're done.


You forget, some of us heard The Lost Show. We know the giving up happened long ago.

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You stop that. You all stop that right now. Our show is fine. FINE! We just had a few hiccups, primarily not doing any pre production for the "Lost Episode". We went into it cold with just a bunch of guys having a circle jerk and talking about their weekend. Of course it sucked. We've done good shows in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Stop making us look like losers. All you're doing is giving Draven smirk fuel.


Seriously, if you like wrestling and you like podcasts, I'm sure you can do worse than us. Sometimes we're pretty funny. Check us out at:




Thanks! /plug

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Guest BeorimJ
only sporadically. i like Stone cold and ring rust radio. I also like Sam Roberts Radio interviews he has on youtube.
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