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The Fury

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Christopher Ryan Eagles vs Markos Andronikos


Winner: Christopher Ryan Eagles


Chaos Dragon vs KJ Woods


Winner: Chaos Dragon




The camera cuts to Murdoch who is with one of his hillbilly followers, who is covered in camoflauge face paint. The pair are whistling as the grizzly Murdoch whistles away.


(Singing)“Oh tanky, you came and you tried to tame me, but you f****d it badly oh tanky!”


The hillbilly laughs but Murdoch slaps him in the head to stop the odd chuckling of his.


“People in this god forsaken world of us believe once they attain to such a size that they automatically assume power. That they they throw about whoever and whenever. Innocent and harmless people like ourselves!”




“But you know what the problem is with having that belief?”


H-”What's that Mr...Emmm I mean Southern Beast?”


“Why i'm glad you asked me....It's not pure power they have! Pure power doesn't care how big or small you are. Pure power doesn't care what job you have and how much money you make.....Pure power is all about how you know yourself the world is run by other purists and using their template to do it yourself!”




“Brian Tankard is a phony! Brian Tankard believe he has that pure power to boss me around....Big f*****g mistake...boyo! You are facing the beast of the southern wild yet you call me out for my incest? Hey my cousins f**k real good and they know when to obey the moment they see me ugly bearded face storming through the doors because I can use my pure power to snap their necks!”




“Wrestlenova ten will mark the birth of Murdoch, and the death of a welshman! Or whatever country he's from in that tiny island. I am not your wrestler, I am a drinker, drug dealer, smoking, non human son of a retarded bitch! When I hurt people, I don't care about the repurcussions. I don't care for fans, people....nothing in the world apart from me!”




“When my arm is raised in victory, I will piss on you and make you my territory....my property....my bitch!”




H-”Ha you're going to suck him off until he's dry!”


Murdoch punches the hillbilly in the jaw, knocking him out immediately.


“Foul language, there's kids watching this!”


The crowd mildly laugh at the antics of the southerners.


“Look, I could act like a big bad wolf and do one of those promos that try to send shivers down the spine of my enemies but it is simply this. You could either walk away and be happy that you were given this chance to play with your children, knowing that your life was spared. But Brian, you had that chance and now you are in this road that you will hold my hand down. When you walk this road Brian, one of us isn't coming back alive.....and guess what Brian?












You can't kill me! I'm already dead!”


The fans get more creeped out with Murdochs claims.


“You can't kill what is already dead Tankard! And at Wrestlenova ten I will be reincarnated when I swing into the ring and wait for the bell to be rung and my hand will be raised. I will be reincarnated not just as a warrior....But as a god.”




“And you will learn....
















The buzz hits the tron as the feed is cut off and returned back to the live crowd as they take in Murdoch's latest speech.


BP-”That is one creepy dude!”


JB-”Well lets see if Tankard can take on the self proclaimed beast of the southern wild at Wrestlenova Ten!”


EVIL-”That match is going to be a war!”




The crowd get off on their as the music for the chaotic one blasts through the P.A system. They stand on their feet and applaud while cheering Dragon’s name as Chaos Dragon emerges onto the stage!


JB-“There he is!”


EVIL-“And he’s fired up!”


Dragon, donning camouflage coloured mask and clothing storms down to the ring as the crowd loudly cheer his name.


BP-“He’s about to play with fire here. Come Wrestlenova Dragon has it all to do!”




Chaos does his usual headbanging routine into the ring along with jumping on all four turnbuckles to get the crowd going. His music finally cuts as the staff give him a microphone.




CD-“You I never get sick of you guys, take a f*****g bow right now!”




CD-“Hey you guys right here, got me my job back. It’s you people that made Chaos Dragon alive and kicking in TWOStars. That is something I could never repay you. But I will try and give you something in return to celebrate me with…..The TWOStars Television title!”




CD-“A title for almost one year now that has been robbed from me because I don’t fit the criteria for a perfect champion. Arron Winter was someone I looked up to, someone who I asked for help during my time here, and then all of a sudden he got power hungry, he craved for his visions to be the vision like the nazi he is.”




CD-“He tried to make me what he wanted me to be, someone without the mask, the ripped up jeans and dare I say be less chaotic? Then he took me out thanks to his hired *****s and I got unfairly fired.”




CD-“But Arron, let me tell you something…I don’t fit into anyones category! I am my own chaotic self!”




CD-“And I will take what has been rightfully mines for over a year! I will beat your bitch, I will make him squeal like the little hog he is, and I will drape the television title over my shoulder at Wrestlenova! I came this close last year but just came up short to Matt Denton…..I will not fail a second time!”




“I think that is where you are wrong son of Chaos…”


The boos echo as Archangel with the mic in his hands emerges on the stage with Hi’lani Kai. The boos are so loud you can barely hear the commentating staff.


“The reason why the contract signing never happened is because these people don’t deserve to see my fellow comrade in the ring! They were disrespectful, obnoxious and darn right rude! This man right here is one of the longest reigning TV title holders in TWOStars history at nearly 8 months ! Hi’lani Kai come Wrestlenova will be the new record holder as THE longest reigning champion TWOStars has ever seen!”



CD-“Easy for you when your bitch barely defends the title!”




“Envy was always your weak point Dragon. But you don’t have to deal with just Kai at Wrestlenova ten….You will have to deal with all of us! And when Arron Winter beats Famous and takes the helm again. You will feel our wrath! The torture for your sins will be unbearable!”


Dragon makes a yawn motion before he tells Angel to hurry up.


CD-“I’m done with you kid f****r, I want Kai to talk for a change! That little bitch has never spoken a word since he got here from his ***** master. I want the champ to say something! You just fight but you better have something to get yourself to talk about before I come over there and kick your ass and make you talk!”


Kai is smiling away while Archangel laughs.


“You don’t get to say when either of us talk! So why don’t get the fans hopes up once more to let them down in 2 weeks time!”


Dragon starts to pace around.


CD-“F**k two weeks I’m going to kick both your asses right now!”


Dragon gets out of the ring and makes his way towards them!








JB-“What the hell!”


A few of the fans crash to the ground with Dragon, as the beast gets back up and as quick as he arrives walks away. The hencemen of Angel and Kai mock Dragon to come and get them as he struggles to move!




“Dragon! Dragon!”


Chaos Dragon is crawling up the stage to try and get to them, the pain is visible as he groans and holds his ribs! It takes minutes but Dragon eventually gets to the stage….But he can’t stand up as Kai grabs his mask! Hi’lani Kai then asks for the microphone for the first time!


Kai-“You want to know why I don’t talk? It’s because I let my hands do all the talking!”


Kai gets a hold of Dragon!









The unmasked Dragon covers his face as Kai raises the torn mask in celebrating. Angel lifts Kai’s other arm with the TV Title as the hencemen of Winter celebrate their mind games victory over Dragon! Is the chaotic one going to be fit enough for Wrestlenova?


Hi'lani Kai vs Brian Dammage


Winner: Hi'lani Kai




The crowd all stand up as Paul Gray emerges from the stage. He embraces the crowd as he begins his walk from the stage and into the ring. He looks around before entering the ring and immediately requesting the microphone.


“Ladies and gentlemen...Please welcome to the ring...The interim general manager of TWOStars....PAUL GRAY!”


Another mixed reception for the interim GM as some clap their hands while others are still reserving judgement. His newly acquired theme music stops as he gets ready to address the audience.


PG-”Throughout the course of mankind, their have been enterprises formed by very few of us. Throughout that very time those enterprises become empires. They become legends, hell you can even say it becomes immortalised. But as time changes and society all change, from their views on certain topics of life to the

very development of invention...some of those empires die.”


The crowd doesn't understand where Gray is coming from.


PG-Those empires that were feared by their competitors become dust. They don't understand that when eras come to an end and new chapters of life begin, they need to change...They need to evolve themselves once more to survive. People during the economic disaster either fought on and adapted.....or they lost it all. It is become a norm in life that you cannot keep the same thing going for so long....SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE!


JB-I don't like where this is going.


PG-I knew that, everyone in the board knows that....and if I am perfectly honest...TWOStars is failing right now.



PG-We got so much because of the talent and who we have on board...But the previous regimes lack of awareness and understanding that this company needs to adapt to survive and as a result we've had failed bookings of pay per views, talent leaving us and lack of interest.....




EVIL-What the hell is he going gringos?


BP-F**k this guy, bring back Winter!


PG-And this is what we have been dealt with. Which leads me with the major announcement I promised you all about tonight. Something that will change the fans, the talent, EVERYTHING about this company. And believe me this was not an easy decision!


BP-Wait what?!


JB-Please don't let it be what I think it is!


PG-I have to do what is best for business and best for us all. In life you have to make these calls and as interim general manager of this great company I have to make these controversial calls. Which is why I am announcing that...





The XTV after Wrestlenova X
























BP-Wait, are we fired?!


The fans are shocked with Grays decision to end XTV. Some shout bullshit to the call but Gray understands their frustration.


PG-I understand and I do not hate you! But I am not letting this company go out without a fight! This is not the end, this is the new era of TWOStars! This is where we will evolves and adapt to survive for the next ten more years! We have grown as a society along with technology that television is no longer the main form of media that we all watch. We have smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and fast speed internet for watching so many shows and being able to watch them over without the need of a DVD disc! XTV HAD NONE OF THIS! We have to evolve to attract a larger audience and a larger roster. Yes, this is the end of XTV, but I am introducing a brand new weekly show that is available on ALL smart devices LIVE! Available to download and watch over and over again! A new show which is up to date and will make us a fighting promotion again!




PG-Ladies and gentlemen, The extreme will cease on TV, but the onslaught will start.....on demand!





The fans wow at the new show prospect. With the commentators all relived their jobs are safe.


PG-Onslaught on demand will feature matches, interactions with the crowd, live online votes for what kind of match the fans want to see! Hell they even tweet for a title match and it can damn well happen! A brand new ring, new logos, EVERYTHING will be the start of this new era in TWOStars. No more 1.number episodes. Just nothing but pure onslaught!



PG-And for the inaugural onslaught on demand....BOTH the TWOStars Television title and the TWOStars world heavyweight title will be on the line!




EVIL-Big news!


PG-And we're not stopping their! I am bringing a match to the first ever Onslaught on Demand that was wrongfully taken away from you all! A match taken away from the fans, to the roster! A match that takes place every year, but the pay per view was taken away due to poor management!


BP-Winter won't like that!


PG-But I am going to bring it back for you all! The only change here is the winner of this match will be granted a future World Heavyweight Title shot! ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY MATCH, ANYWHERE!




PG-And if you're not down with that...I got two words for you!



















JB-Amazing news! The Battle Royale rumble will take place!









The camera cuts to the three men who will compete in the first ever gold rush ladder match at Wrestlenova X. Markos, Eagles and Archangel are all standing in Gray's office. They all look at each other as they await to find out what is going on with them. A knock on the door gets them to immediately turn around to find out who it is.


The cameras cut to the back where Boyo is about to give the latest interview.


Boyo-“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome with me right now, one of three men that will be involved in the infamous triple threat match at Wrestlenova ten….Dan Fox!”


The crowd are once again mixed as Fox with his hoody covering the top of his head, emerges as the camera focuses on his face.


Boyo-“Dan, we have just weeks to go until Wrestlenova Ten and this will be the final time you will be in XTV before the biggest pay per view of them all. What do you have to say going into your second Wrestlenova?”


Fox licks his lips before taking his time to talk.


DF-“It’s amazing this time last year I was going on about how I will beat Sickness in my first ever Wrestlenova, and I achieved it. How time goes by. Now we are here where I two opponents this time around to deal with, and their not the easiest to deal with.”


Fox coughs before talking again.


DF-“Paul Gray wanted to showcase wrestling in this match, well he will have it! Because in this match we not only have two amazing wrestlers who give their life and soul for the business. But we have the best technical wrestler in TWOStars history! A match where I guarantee you that every single person that lays their eyes on us three gentlemen will be amazed in what they witnessed. They are going to see not just pure wrestling, but three men that are willing to DIE to get the win!”




DF-“We all have the same thing in common, not one of us has won the world title. We all have the same passion that thirsts our goals into becoming world heavyweight champion….And when Paul Gray my ex associate says that one of us could be next in line…You bet your ass that we will beat each other down until our skulls are caved in!”



DF-“I respect Randy Roko, the man has never lost to me and can wrestle. I respect Dammage for his passion for wrestling and for making this a better place….But that doesn’t mean I have to like them in the ring. Because when that bell rings, when the first moves are done! It is all about who will be the last man standing. You want a declaration Boyo? Well here is one!




You will witness one of the greatest triple threats in the history of this company at Wrestlenova!”




Boyo-“Big statement to make Dan! But like others I’m curious to know what is your current relationship with the current interim general manager…and your ex associate Paul Gray?”


Fox smirks before looking back at Boyo.


DF-“I went from being his boss, to him being at my boss. There is no favouritism with myself as like I have said from the very start, I never have needed help and never will need help in that ring. Roko….Dammage…..Let’s do this!”


Fox is about to leave the ring until he is met by none other than Randy Roko! The crowd hype up a potential showdown between the two as the pair smile at each other.


RR-“I never thought I would see the day that you would be so complimentary Foxy!”


DF-“You never thought that you will see the day when I get a win against you….”


Roko smiles at Dan.


RR-“A little hype talk….I like it Danny. And I appreciate that we both respect each other as competitors. And that respect is why I, not you to me, will be the one that has to dent your bones and dreams of becoming world champion for now. …”


Dammage then out of nowhere appears as the three men are once again looking at each other.


D-“The only wrestler that will have the killer instinct to survive at Wrestlenova ten is me. Now I am in agreement that I respect everyone in this match. We all love wrestling and the good of wrestling. And we all know that we will have to kill each other to put on the greatest triple threat in history of TWOStars! We want to give a hundred percent and beat each other down, out of our respect for each other and love for wrestling….I like it gentlemen.”


DF-“Then we are in agreement. It’ll be an honour to be crowned winner in this triple threat.”


Roko and Dammage smile and laugh.


D-“Someone has to do the old school talk Foxy, but we’ll see at Wrestlenova!”


Dammage walks away as Roko is about to make his departure.


RR-“The London riots are about to take place once again….Except London will burn because of us three. See you at Nova lad!”


Roko walks away as Boyo and Fox take in what they have seen go down.







The interim general manager Paul Gray with KJ Woods!


PG-”Gentlemen, please welcome the final entrant into the gold rush ladder match who will replace Brian Tankard.....KJ Woods!”


Woods shakes the hand of Paul Gray as a thank you.


PG-”I have brought you in hear for a quick and very minor change into the gold rush ladder match.”


Eagles-”What do you mean change?”


Markos-”I thought this was a straight up ladder match?”


PG-”Well that was suppose to be the plan....But i've decided to change the ladder match. You see one briefcase when I now think about it....Isn't enough. So let me proudly confirm that the gold rush ladder match from this day forward....Will involve four briefcases!”




PG-”Yes four. But there is a catch. Two of these briefcases will have this inside of them!”


Gray grabs a briefcase and opens it up to reveal the words EPIC FAIL inside.


PG-”Two of these are duds. The other two will have rewards in them. Making it a 50 percent chance for all four of you. So you four will have it all to do because I guarantee you that these are two opportunities that you do not want to miss out on!”


The four men look at each other as Gray smirks at them all.


PG-”May the best men....or man win!”


BP-Winner gets title shot any time they want in any match they want!


EVIL-"Gringos in the back will be hyped up, one of them is going to get one of the best opportunities to get the world title!


The gm's music hits as he gives the microphone back and makes his exit.










The camera cuts to a moving angle with Murdoch and his hillbilly sidekick, who is sporting a bright bruise on his lower jaw from earlier. The camera reveals that both of them are on a moving vehicle but the focus doesn't show what type of vehicle it is.


H-”It was really nice of that man to give us a shot of his Forklift truck Sir Beast of the Southern Wild!”


“It was nice of him wasn't it? You'll need to thank him he returns to consciousness! It took a couple of brakes to his jaw....But he gave us the keys and was well mannered.”


H-”So what are doing with the forklift truck?”


Murdoch stops the forklift nearby a room.


“Dickface, you are in for a life lesson here. Because your god of the south got told some valuable information.”


H-”What is it?”


“Well some little c**t approached me about a job that is going to go down later on tonight. A big one by the sounds of it.”


H-”Are we going to join in?”


“Hell no! I only do s**t for me! But I got told almost everyone in the roster will want to be a part of it. So it's only fair that we sort of delay our friend here of joining in on the party!”


H-”To let him learn not to speak badly of us?”


“Exactly. It's only fair that we get to do what we want, the party gets to do what they want...and that he doesn't get to join the best part of the party. Let's get him more fired up for us come Wrestlenova!”


Murdoch uses the controls of the forklift to place large wooden pallets that are high as the door of the lockers on the ground, barricading the locker room! The camera soon zooms in to reveal the locker is indeed belonging to Brian Tankard!


Murdoch and the hillbilly then securely park the forklift tight right next to the pallets to assure Tankard won't get out.


Murdoch laughs as he creeps near the door.


“See you at Wrestlenova, roid rage!”


Murdoch and his hillbilly bitch walk away as the crowd booo to witness Murdoch once again plays mind games with Tankard.








Boyo is in the middle of the ring as the camera returns to the live feed after the last commercial. Everyone anticipates the talk that Boyo will be announcing the final inductee into the Hall of Fame. Boyo gets the approval to start his segment as the cameras focus in the middle of the ring.


Boyo-”Ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed time to announce the final inductee into the 2014 class of the TWOStars Hall of Fame. Now this on paper you will agree with me when looking back at the history of TWOStars that this person is well deserving of their place.”


BP-”Wonder who....”


Boyo-”But with current events some may find that you may not welcome this induction. But I must stress that this induction was finalised before recent events and before all of this war happened. This man gave everything for TWOStars. This man has been with this company since the very beginning. He has won titles, respect and has created a legacy for himself. So we as a large family despite our inner problems must recognise his contribution.”


JB-”Wait a minute....”


Boyo-”So ladies and gentlemen please welcome our final member into the Hall of Fame class of 2014...”









The crowd boo loudly as Arron Winter emerges himself as the final member into the Hall of Fame. Boyo tries to calm them down but Winter doesn't care. He walks down to the ring and enters with his hencemen Kai and Archangel. He immediately shakes the hand of Boyo while getting hugs off his hencemen. The music cuts as he gets the microphone, asking Boyo stay in while he makes his announcement speech.


AW-”Finally, after several years of being mistreated and neglected I am now immortalised into the Hall of Fame. This company would have been so great without me! I put my life into this company and it has only taken now for the board to induct me.....despite them making me lose my job as general manager and my future being on the line.”




AW-”So admittedly I am with mixed feelings right now. I should be proud to be inducted but instead I am furious with the way people are treating me in this company! This hall of fame is a petty attempt to sway me away from taking back the company....But I gave my life to TWOStars.....It wouldn't be the same without Arron Winter into Hall of fame. So I proudly accept my induction to the Hall of Fame because it isn't a true Hall of Fame without me! And I will close with this to you Famous....You will NEVER take the power away from me! Hell I have the power from just clicking my fingers....”


Out of nothing Kai and Archangel attack Boyo for no reason! The crowd are furious as Boyo is unfairly getting attacked! Winter orders his hencemen to continue the attack! Kai drags Boyo to Angel...











JB-”This is disgusting!”


EVIL-”No need homes!”


JB-”That's you soon to be fellow hall of famer! There's no reason for this!”


Boyo gets up...









Winter smirks as he grabs the mic. He orders Kai and Angel to bring Boyo to him. The crowd throw trash into the ring as protest but Winter doesn't care. He laughs off the crowd as he stares down at Boyo.


AW-”I may have the lost the title....But I haven't lost the power!”

Winter lifts Boyo up...












The crowd are fuming. Boyo is out cold as Evil Gringo storms into the ring to protect him from further damage. But the trio know they have done what they needed to do....They exit the ring as medics come to check on the health of Boyo from that severe beatdown!


JB-”Absolutely disgusting once again people...There's no need for it!”


Famous storms through the crowd to enter the ring to check on Boyo. Famous wants to fight Winter right now! But he will have to wait until Wrestlenova for one of the biggest matches in TWOStars history! Boyo is eventually carried away by a stretcher with Gringo and Famous as support while the crowd clap and chant his name.






Lord Bison vs Famous


No contest due to inteference. Sickness does confrontation along with Bison


As Sickness and Bison finish off their final speeches before Wrestlenova X, the crowd boo loudly as Arron Winter with Kai and Archangel at his side emerge from on the stage. Winter has a microphone as he has a smug look on his face. He doesn't care about anything apart from his future at Wrestlenova and the treatment he has been given.


AW-Sorry to interupt the main event of Wrestlenova in the middle of the ring, but the true superstar of TWOStars is here for some much needed speaking time!




AW-All of my career I have been the best in the business, and when I took over as general manager I gave my life to this company. And this is what I am getting repaid for it? I sacrificed my blood! My sweat! My tears! MY LIFE TO TWOSTARS! And am I being called the poison! Hell if it wasn't for me this company would have been dead several times!




S-Why don't you quit bitching and get ready for end of your career in TWOStars when Famous kicks your ass!





The board mean shit...Because I AM TWOStars! And this little fat turd Gray wants to change things! The only thing he'll need to change is the bandages on his body by the time I am done with him! This company belongs to me, and when I beat Famous and put him into semi retirement, I am taking my throne back...With help!


Winter makes a motion with his hand that indicates a large following dressed in black that form a line behind him and his hencemen.


AW-That you forget Sickness that when have been in power like myself, you make a lot of friends who are willing to do a lot of favours!


Sickness has a smirk on his face.


S-Then why don't you do me a favour and come down here so we can fight like old times!




Winter smiles as he prevents some of his hired mob to storm down the ring!


AW-My little mob here aren't here to tear you apart....we're here to take what is rightfully ours....My ring and my throne! You don't have any to worry about me, but the beast....




He beats down Sickness several times before Winter makes his nod to storm the ring! They all surround the ring as Sickness gradually comes to his senses. He realises what is happening as the climb up to the ring. Winter throws a bag full of money at Bison, who nods.


LB-What do you want?


AW-If I can't have this ring, nobody can!


The mob storm into the ring and beatdown Sickness! It's 11 on 1 here! The crowd boo loudly as Sickness can barely stand to fight back. He has no chance! Bison picks him up!




Famous, Dammage and Randy Roko all storm down to the ring with the crowds delight as they storm in to fight the mob! They start brightly but Winter immediately hacks at Famous' leg to take him out as the 11 on 3 attack is too much! Winter demands Famous as he drags him out of the ring with Kai as the rest see to the beatdown!


Winter then shouts at his mob to immediately tear apart the ring! They begin to rip apart the ring aprons and turnbuckles as Winter tries to start the demolition!




The addition of the lot brings massive brawl in the ring as Dammage and Roko regain their health and fight back! Fox hits his massive suplexes while Androniko hits a massive spear! Sickness is still out from the Scolds Bridle as Bison beats down Woods!


JB-This is war!


BP-This is onslaught!


Famous starts to regain the fight in him as he trades several punches with Winter! As Kai tries to beatdown the legend....




It's two on two as kai is out as Winter realises it's now two on one for him. The crowd roar for the pair to do it as they smile. They are just about to make their attack...



















Winter gets Kai back on his feet as he asks for a piece of rope! Meanwhile middle of the ring the mob with Angel are fighting, trading blows and kicks! Dammage sees his chance and goes for a straight strike!





Dammage and Angel straight away trade blows as Fox tries to recover. He is furious with the shot, assuming it's Dammage trying to play mind games with him! Fox grabs Dammage!

















Randy tries to break it up!





The mob are getting the upper hand as Gray comes down to the ring to try and motivate his roster! Famous is held against the turnbuckle as Kai ties Famous' hands around the turnbuckle behind his back! He is exposed as Winter grabs a steel chair! The mob have beaten everyone down due to the numbers advantage. They continue to destroy the ring and everything with the TWOStars label on it!

Arron swings the chair like a stick as he stares down an exposed Famous!


AW-You f****d with the wrong person you f*****g has been!




The legend is screaming in pain as Winter crushes his ribs over and over again, breaking them! Lord Bison gets Roko and hits the Scolds Bridle! Before getting Fox and knocking him out with a massive spine buster! Gray's jaw is wide open as Winter has taken TWOStars hostage. He then sees Bison staring down at him! He tries to flee but the beast quickly storms out and grabs a hold of the interim general manager!

Famous is released from the rope as he struggles to breath in the ring. Winter now has a screwdriver given to him by one of his hired mob as he begins to bluntly force the driver through the skin and against Famous' skull! He does this over and over to the point that Famous' blood has completely covered his face! He has the blood of his opponent on his hands and laughs about it! He wipes it on his chest as he makes a motion to finish him off as the mob spray paint over the TWOStars logo to block it out from view! Winter gets Famous....














Winter praises his mob as they have done what they asked him. Bison has a hold of Gray and brings him to Winter. Arron laughs before Angel gives him the steel chair he used on Famous!

PG-Don't you dare!




The interim general manager is out as his back is bruised and bludgeoned! Sickness gets back up and tries to spear Winter but Bison won't let it happen and knees his head in! Bison then points to Winters mob to the announce table! Winter tells Kai and Angel to do it as his hencemen immediately storm to the announce table and push the commentators off!


Kai and Archangel take away the top panel and monitors and shout that it is ready for the beast. Winter smiles as the crowd roar with boos as Bison grabs a hold of Sickness! He walks to the end of the ropes and begins to lift him up!



Runs towards the other ropes





The crowd are in disbelief as Winter has taken everyone out! Him, Angel, Kai and Bison all stand strong as Arron grabs the microphone.


AW-”If I can't have TWOStars...Nobody can! TWOStars belongs to me, Wrestlenova is mi-......is ours!

Bison raises the title as the heels stand strong, completely decimating the opposition including the interim general manager. The credits come up as all now turn to Wrestlenova X


Will Arron Winter and Bison have control by the end of the largest pay per view of the year?

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