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TNA Launch New "Menagerie" Faction


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There's a new faction in TNA called The Menagerie (with Knux as the leader) and here's what they look like.




According to here, the two stilt-walkers are part of the entrance only, but their "carny" music plays throughout their matches and there are pink, green and blue lights (like Sin Cara's) as well.


Could be overkill.

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For anyone who gives a flying fudge:




"Okay, so this new faction we've got, we'll have a guy in there who's mental."


"Okay cool. What should we call him though?"


"How about Crazy Steve?"




-Excerpts from an actual TNA booking meeting.

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I knew I should've gone with "The Freak"! :lol


Still, this doesn't look like it's gonna be very good at all. I give it two weeks before Willow joins them.


EDIT: Just checked some footage of Crazzy Steve. He's Heath Ledger's Joker. Meh.

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Guest John Hancock

"Not Crazy Steve, he's crazy!"


Glad they cleared that up.


Are they supposed to be a play on the Firefly family?




It would pretty perfectly fit TNA's new booking strategy of "Do what WWE are doing, but make it shit", seeing that the Firefly family are supposed to be based on the Manson family, just like the Wyatts. Plus, that movies like ten years old, so it's about prime for a wrestling gimmick.

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That's what TNA are probably aiming for but it'll lean towards a shittier version of the Oddities.


They are also trying to raise money for their theme park thing.... Jeez, it must be depressing hoping for payday to come in and then realizing the only thing they'll get from TNA is food stamps. So long theme park...



I would so endorse Captain Spaulding beating some shit out of Willow though.

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Guest Magic

I also don't think its terrible. I like the name of the group, Knux is ok and you can do worse than cover up Rob Terry's face with a mask. If crazzy Steve is crazy as they say, it could be fun.


Not that'll I see much, because I never catch TNA these days.

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Guest John Hancock
Woooooooow. That's some small time shit right there. The dead crowd, the wacky early 90s costumes, the tiny audience (no shots of the hard-cam side area please), the heavy handed cometary. Yikes.
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