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This is a trial thread, as I'm not entirely happy (with myself!) that a thread like this has been posted, but at the same time, there is potential here for fun and games.


Just some things here that you need to be aware of:


1. King will primarily be the "bookie" here, I will check in regularly too.


2. Bets in this thread will be for actual money

a) If you make a bet you are expected to honour it

b) Bets to be paid by Paypal, or by money-transfer, and these are to be kept private via PM. Once you have paid/received, delete your PMs.

c) Do not make a bet you have no intention to honour


3. There is to be no coercsion in to making bets. If you are unsure about betting money, then you do not bet money. Similarly, no one will talk you in to it. Ever. That doesn't happen here. We're a nice, friendly people here.


4. There is no "house". TWO is not the house, there will be no bets placed against TWO ("the house").

a) You bet against other forum users only.

b) Bets are agreed and King is notified and he'll record it in here. That's a valid bet.

c) If you want to add to your existing bet (for example, you want to "double it" on another bet, relating the to original bet, speak to King).


5. It's your money, you can bet whoever you want, whenever you want, for however much money as you want. Saying all that, don't be stupid.


6. I propose a two bet maximum at any one time.



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So to get things going.......


I have Belgium and Boyo has England, the bet is who will go further in the World Cup.....£20 a man.


This okay with you so Boyo?


If others fancy a flutter post in here and as Boyo says it is for REAL MONEYZZZ so you have to pay up or your banned :D

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Don't fancy it personally, Cue Card had it on toast in the Betfair Chase so I'm just curious as to why it's so short. If Cue Card gets beat I think it will be Al Ferof. Got them in a reverse forecast.


Got Cue Card boosted price to 9/2 with Skybet. That's massive in my opinion. Think it will go off at about 3's.

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I love Long Run, won me a few quid over the years, but based on this season his time as a top group one stayer is coming to an end which saddens me. Done it in a small stake forecast behind Cue Card just incase it recaptures some of the old magic. Poor horse has to cope with a bawheed of a jockey though.
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Bookies have taking a caning today. Barney Curley, a former horse trainer and professional gambling has *allegedely* set up a cracking coup, in which four horses with absolutely zero form have all won, and at massive early prices too. Naturally the bookies got wind of it and slashed the odds, but there was plenty who got their bets on with the good odds. I'm a bit pissed off I missed out!


One of my best mates, also a bookie lol, missed the first one but got on the other three in a treble for a tidy profit.

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Right me and King have a confirmed bet.


I bet King £20 that I can overtake him in the prediction league. And that Arsenal vs Liverpool FA Cup losers have to change their avatars for a month winner to decide Avatar. There could also be a second part to this if King wants a second forfeit to include the league match as well.


I think this is right feel free to correct if I got it wrong King.

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