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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - November 11, 2013 from Manchester, England (#1068)


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Guest HH-Evolution
I saw no need for the Punk attack on Heyman on Monday as I feel it adds absolutely nothing to the feud which ended in my opinion at Summerslam!!!


Then you're wrong - the feud seems to still be a go between them, and I'm fairly sure that's because they want to at this point!

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Who can possibly still want Punk and Heyman to continue feuding?


I think maybe this is a case of overindulgence, because obviously Punk and Heyman like each other a lot and want to work with the other and make each other look good, but it has turned out to be far too bloated and, dare I say, masturbatory. A lack of compelling heels for Heyman to manage hasn't helped either I guess.

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The feud should have died at Hell in a Cell. Nothing wrong with Axel coming out the day after to get revenge for Paul cause that's the norm after a PPV. Punk being a dick to Heyman again even if he's ranting at him doesn't make sense, it's like Edge and Paul Bearer all over again.

That being said, Ryback and Axel aren't Paul Heyman Guys anymore and Paul will hopefully (well not hopefully, maybe do something else) be off till Brock comes back. The Punk/Heyman feud closed on Monday...I hope so.

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Guest Ciaran The King
Assuming the feud stays over, I think the bit on Raw was just a thing for the UK crowd to enjoy, more than anything else.


Yeah quite possibly, the Brits seem to love Punk so why not give them a treat. But as of Monday the feud should be over. There's nothing left to give as they've exhausted all options

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