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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - November 8, 2013 from Charlotte, NC (#742)


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United States: Friday Night, Nov. 8, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, Nov. 8, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC


Confirmed Matches/Events


Build to Survivor Series

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


CM Punk challenged the Wyatts but instead out came IbC champion Curtis Axel. Punk beat him with the GTS. The Wyatts menaced Punk but nothing happened after.


AJ & Tamina defeated Cameron & Naomi.


Alberto Del Rio called out John Cena for a match. Cena came out but Vickie Guerrero then put them in other matches and announced they would fight at the next PPV.


Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali. You know what it's like to think you are going to get a good match and instead you get Khali?


The Usos and R-Truth defeated 3MB.


Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper by disqualification after Rowan attacked him. CM Punk made the save.


John Cena defeated Ryback with the AA but was attacked by Del Rio!




After the taping ended, they featured Cena beating Del Rio to send us home happy!
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I wouldn't be so sure.


Khali was a letdown but everything else was on point. Punk dragged Axel to something watchable, and both Bryan/Brodie and Cena/Ryback were VERY good. I missed the tag match, but the Usos rule.


And the girls' match was honestly the best girls match I've seen in FOREVER. Like seriously. Tamina has possibly never looked better. The finish beginning with Tamina powerboming the f*ck out of Cameron and then Naomi elbowing the f*ck out of AJ was awesome.

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