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to dexter or not to dexter


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Dexter Seasons 1-4 are amazing. Watch those at least for sure.


From then it depends on how much you like to self-harm in the form of TV watching. Although I actually liked Season 5 quite a bit too.


I think i will stick with it for the time being my problem at the moment is finding the time. just about to finish off season 3 of game of thrones (fell asleep halfway through the finale last night) plus playing GTA 5 at every opportunity and trying to move this month so clearing out a lot of stuff.


I think with dexter is I just dont like his face. Maybe he is playing the part very well but Im not sure. I kind of latch onto a character and watch for them. Tyrion in GoT for example. Eric and Pam in True Blood, Rick in Walking Dead (although I dont like his face either). I think I might just need to get back into longer series again. It might be the thought of a lot of episodes thats putting me off.

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I have taken a step back from dexter for the time being as iv started watching breaking bad and moving as well so not has time. I will def watch it as soon as im in my new place. Took 2 book cases for all my dvds and graphic novels. Also trying to aquire 1-19 of ultimate xmen at the mo. Just bought 1-20 of ultimate spiderman for £35! I love ebay.
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