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Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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I got bored of the trailer, let alone the film. I love Captain America, and the movie could have been such kitchy, camp, knowingly All American, post-Bush, self-aware, Hitler punching fun, a real Diet Inglorious Bastards, doing the 1940s version of the character and having him ram Old Glory down Emperor Hirohito's dickhole or something. Instead, they went the easy route, and did Iron Man in a CGI version of what may or may not have been the 40s. Bland, boring, emotionless, cowardly cash in. Boo.
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I also thought there had been pictures posted in this thread already, but apparently not. To that end, here are some pics (either concept art from the production staff or on set shots).









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Another video; this time showing Captain America, Black Widow and Crossbones infiltrating a boat that has been captured by Batroc (played by Georges St. Pierre).




The action is good, the dialogue a little (and intentionally) hammy with Widow trying to set up Cap and GSP looks like a bad-ass while just sitting in a chair.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a great film. The cast are really good, the characters are mostly well realised and The Winter Soldier himself is a bad-ass.


I recommend it to you all, but would like to suggest that you don't take very young kids (like the 2yr-old girl who was there today) as it's much more a thriller than a straight comic-book movie and the fight-scenes are quite brutal for a 12a.

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As long as you stick it in spoiler tags -

Write your spoiler in here[*/SPOILER] - without the * - and give a general idea of what you are spoilering


e.g I loved E.T but (Ending spoilers)

I didn't like it the end where E.T hit an iceberg and was savaged by the neighbourhood dogs (directors cut)

You're fine.

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