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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - October 21, 2013 from Memphis, TN (#1065)


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I could be wrong but I read Ciaran's original post as Stephanie had got better at delivering and phrasing the promos. Also she has excepted most people hate her so she might as well play up to being the smarmy unlikeable character. Either that or she has filled out more and is smoking hot.
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Guest Ciaran The King

Loved HHH at the end, absolutely blistering promo


I wanna see HHH/Bryan go at it but then again I don't. And well done to Randy for making Ziggler look relevant again

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Dolph looked pretty ordinary in that match. I think it's one of those "can't unsee" things for me, because I watch Dolph matches expecting him to even vaguely resemble a babyface, and...nothing.


It hit me this week that the guy doesn't even have a comeback. How does this guy think he survives in WWE as a face with no comeback? All he has is moves that he hits as a desperation counter, after getting his ass kicked, and after failing to hit it the first time. The fameasser being the best example. Have you EVER seen this guy hit that move first go?



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It's weird. If you look then there are moves there that he could work into quite a nice little offensive sequence, but it's like he has no idea how to work them into a match in a proper order, he just throws in moves here there and everywhere and none of it makes any sense of flow.


And then there's things like him starting to get his variation of the mounted turnbuckle punches over (let's the crowd count along until about 4, and then swings wildly with both hands while they try to keep up), only to stop doing it just as it was actually starting to become a "Ziggler spot".


The dude seriously needs to watch some tapes of Michaels. Especially if the rumours are true and he's developing an HBK-esque bad attitude backstage. You can only get away with that if you've got the in ring skills to pull it off (and luck and the audience on your side).


It's really infuriating, because he should work as a cocky face, he just hasn't figured out his formula yet.



EDIT: When Big Show was on the tron during the opening and he was all "you took my car, you took my house, you took my job" did anybody else blurt out "DEYTUCKYERJEEERRRRB!" or is it just me? :lol

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Guest Jimmy Redman

The 'Non 10 Punches' spot is like a classic encapsulation of everything Dolph is doing wrong.


He takes a babyface spot that the crowd recognises, chants along with and pops for, and turns it into something that deilberately makes it impossible to chant along with, thus guaranteeing himself a lesser reaction, all in the name of reinventing the wheel. I'm kind of sad he's stopped doing it, because it used to make me laugh every time. Trust Dolph to screw up something as simple as the Ten Punches.

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