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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - October 21, 2013 from Memphis, TN (#1065)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Oct. 21, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Oct. 22, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



FedExForum in Memphis, TN (Jerry Lawler's Hometown)


Confirmed Matches/Events


Official Contract Signing for WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match


Final Build to Hell in a Cell

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I'm gonna say it consequences be dammed.


I am sick of CM Punk. I am sick of Daniel Bryan. I am sick of Randy Orton.... but he's the least of the problem. I would rather have Cena as champion than Punk, Bryan or Orton. Did you hear that? I said I'd rather have John Cena as wwe champion than Punk, Bryan, Orton. Punk and Bryan are at their best when they're chasing the title. I do not know what Randy Orton is.


Problem with Bryan is the beard. It's old and getting stale. Just as stale as his moveset. Leave the beards to better men like the Wyatt Family and move on. Don't get me wrong, his moveset is okay and it wouldn't be so bad if he'd change it up but it's always the same exact spots. It's like the whole match is a 'moves of doom," a few counters and a few counter counters or reversal reversals. Punk at least likes to change things up and Orton does something in every. Single. Match... to make me say wow. It's usually a bad wow but it's still a wow.


Punk and Heyman is getting old too. Granted that attributed more to Curtis Axle and big gay prison rape monster f*ckhead. He needs something new to do and so does Heyman. Basically keep what they're doing but change the focus.


There are things I do like.


I like the Big Show.


I am a fan of Cody and Goldust but think they're pretty much worthless on their own now that I've seen what they can do together. Keep them a team for life. Make them feud at mania then put them back together as a a team.


Big E as a monster babyface is a good move and I've never been a fan of monster babyfaces. I think he is a potential gamechanger.


El Torito is the greatest thing in the wwe or any other universe. Ever. The only thing that would make him better is if he starred in a Magnum PI reboot as Magnum PI with Zeb Coulter as re reoccurring villain.


Trips and Steph are gods and can do no wrong. This cannot be challenged. It can't. Don't try. See... you just thought about trying and that caused you to lose the game so it's just better to give up and accept The Authority now. There's no choice. It's what's best for business.

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The 3 hours go really quick for me and I love RAW so much these days. Best TV show of the week by a mile. Cole, King and JBL are a great trio on commentary as well.


This is MK Ultra brainwashing. There is no other explanation. JBL is terrible. At least he was this week. You're not clever Bradshaw. Stop trying.

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I have only seen up to the end of the Daniel/Ambrose match but love the McMahon's being douchebags. watching Steph going mad trying to get the tron turned off was funny and Show and HHH speech was awesome. Can't wait until tonight to watch Punk/Heyman promo going off the spoilers should be great.
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