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IMPACT WRESTLING - 10th October 2013


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The Cox Business Center Arena - Tulsa, Oklahoma


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 10th October on Spike TV at 9/8c - LIVE

UK: Sunday 13th October on Challenge Late Zone at 9pm


With Hulk Hogan Gone, Will There Be Chaos?

10th October 2013


Preview Thursday's "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c - LIVE from Tulsa, Oklahoma. With Hulk Hogan gone, will "IMPACT WRESTLING" fall into complete chaos?


What will the the fallout from "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan telling TNA President Dixie Carter to take his job and shove it? Carter wanted Hogan on #TeamDixie, but in a major shocker, the former "IMPACT WRESTLING" General Manager told her "I QUIT" and walked out. How will Carter react to what Hogan did? Is it really the end of Hulkamania in TNA? And without Hulk this Thursday, will "IMPACT WRESTLING" fall into complete chaos?


The countdown continues to TNA's biggest event of the year "Bound For Glory" on Sunday 20th October. How will Magnus prepare for his BFG bout against "The Icon" Sting? Plus - X Division Champion Manik, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin get ready for the Ultimate X Match. More matches will be announced on Thursday's broadcast.


Christopher Daniels and Kazarian surprised Bobby Roode last week when they informed him he would be the 1st member of the E.G.O. Hall of Fame. What will happen when Roode is officially inducted by Daniels and Kaz this Thursday on Spike?


Lei'D Tapa has arrived to the ranks of the Knockouts. The dominant TNA newcomer made an instant impact by attacking Velvet Sky. What's next for the imposing Knockout as she plans to unleash a path of destruction? Who is next on her list? Tune in and find out.


Plus, who is "Ethan" and when will he arrive in "IMPACT WRESTLING"? We got a sneak peek this past week, with more to come on Thursday night.


All this and much more on Thursday's LIVE "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast at 9/8c on SpikeTV from Tulsa, Oklahoma!



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I haven't watched TNA in a while but I had a look at this show last night and I was really disappointed with it. I've praised TNA in the past and I don't think their booking is anywhere near as bad as some claim, though the whole feel of the show is completely wrong. Watching last night reminded me of the first few episodes of WSX on MTV. It feels like a show that lacks any real direction, that's just plodding along and ticking boxes of generic wrestling. It's dull. The crowd look awful and the constant shots to grown men putting their thumbs down is embarrassing, the commentary is horrible and neither Tazz or Tenay have a voice suitable for the role, the arena looks cheaply set up, though the biggest concerns is the lack of star power. It feels like an irrelevant sideshow and someone like Hogan is essential for them because he brings legitimacy the company otherwise doesn't have.


TNA has improved in a lot of areas but a few years ago, the company had an identity and that isn't there anymore, which is a shame. It just looks and feels like an irrelevant WWE rip off now. I've never watched TNA on a regular basis but whenever I have sporadically watched it in the past it's impressed me, but what I saw last night was poor. It just felt like a hollow, dull company.


Dixie Carter is awful too, and the comment about "Mr. Stephanie Levesque" was particularly bad. It makes her and her company look desperate whilst nobody at the WWE cares.

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