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WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Discussion Thread - October 27, 2013 from Miami, FL (#5)


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With moving house recently, I'm slowly catching up on what wrestling I missed and I caught some of the PPV today (I'm up to Big E. making his entrance).


The opening three-way was fantastic and the crowd have been in fine voice all night. Goldust has been amazing since his return and it's crazy to think we're closing in on TWENTY YEARS since the debut of the character. It's even more amazing that this is a post-Black Reign run (where Dustin looked like he could genuinely kill himself inside a TNA ring; the character was that bad and his motivation to work was so low) that's exciting to watch.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Mother: Too bad he looks like his father. At least he's not fat like him.

Me: He's lost weight, he used to be pretty fat.

Mother: Really?

Me: ...when he was in TNA.

Mother: Ahh, well TNA will do that to you.


It's not just smarks people.


Anyway, the opener was indeed awesome. It reminded me a lot structurally of that Slammiversary tag that everyone loved - traditional first half leading into balls-out highspots - but I felt the first half of this match was much better, I guess because the heels were the motherf*cking SHIELD and not Bad Influence or whatever the f*ck they're called, and Goldust was Goldust. The epic Goldust Hot Tag, plus the Usos trying and trying to get into the match, and then the second half bomb throwing building up to the SUPERPLEX TO THE FLOOR, SHADES OF TRENT BARRETA, all of it ruled. Loved this match.

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At this stage the tag division is the thing I am bothered about watching and so I watched this match and I'm glad I bothered. Everyone was awesome in it, Goldust is the hottest thing in 2013, Seth Rollins is the energizer bunny and that Cross Rhodes was the best one Cody has ever hit. Since nothing else on this PPV will make me as happy as this match I'm not watching any more of it.
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Guest Jimmy Redman

It's a contender...along with about 87 other Shield matches. Hence the difficulty in making a list this year. In a good way.


So I also just watched Cena/Alberto. Really good stuff. I liked Cena busting out dropkicks in lieu of using his arm. Also other Cena The Luchador stuff like the Tornado DDT and the crossbody. Alberto didn't really add as much to this on offense as I felt he should have. He sort of just stood there throwing kicks that may or may not have been aimed at the bad arm, and didn't really do much else to target the injury. I want babyface Alberto back. But anyway, the finish was really good - Alberto using fingertips to escape the STF, the crossbody part, and especially the armbreaker deadlift into the powerbomb. Mental.


Cena is 3/3 for good matches a week after coming back, for what it's worth.

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