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hi everyone. i didnt do this when i first joined because i didnt look properly......


I'm james, I'm 25, work as a estate agent, have a girlfriend and a daughter.


I was introduced to wrestling in the mid 90's with a shawn michaels vs british bulldog match and have never looked back. i took a hiatus from wrestling from 2004-2011 just because i didnt have sky. I have caught up as much as i can from those years with dvds, youtube and wikipedia. I then discovered TWO and have been lurking and reading for 2 years before joining. I like wwe but only really focus on raw. I enjoyed TNA through 2011/12 but havent watched in a while.


As you can prob tell from my screen name i love star wars. i also enjoy marvel, dc and other comic books. also a lot of TV shows.

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