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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - October 4, 2013 from Baton Rouge, LA (#737)


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United States: Friday Night, Oct. 4, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, Oct. 4, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, LA


Confirmed Matches/Events


3-on-1 Handicap Match:

Big Show vs. The Shield


Final Build to Battleground

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


The following results are from a recent WWE SmackDown TV Taping. The taping took place on Tuesday 1st October 2013 at the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will air on Friday 4th October at 11pm on Sky Sports 4 in The UK.


In Ring Segment:

The Big Show came to the ring and discussed his actions on WWE RAW and how he almost lost it. Triple H interrupted and told The Big Show that his match had been changed and it is now a 4 on 1 Handicap match as The Big Show will face Randy Orton and The Shield.


Singles Match:

Rob van Dam (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Fandango (w/Summer Rae). Post-match, RVD hit the Van Terminator on Fandango.


Singles Match:

Ryback (w/Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel) defeated R-Truth. Post-match, Curtis Axel attacked R-Truth.


Singles Match:

Alberto del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler. Damien Sandow was on commentary for the match.

Tag Team Match:

Los Matadores (Fernando & Diego) (w/El Torito) defeated 3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal). Post-match, it was announced that Curtis Axel will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Battleground against R-Truth.


In Ring Segment:

Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) defeated Aksana. Post-match, AJ Lee came out with Tamina Snuka by her side and said that she is going to do to Brie Bella what Randy Orton is going to do to her boyfriend Daniel Bryan at the WWE Battleground PPV.


Singles Match:

Kofi Kingston defeated Big E Langston.


4 On 1 Handicap Match:

The Big Show defeated Randy Orton & The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) via DQ. Orton brought a chair into the ring, however Daniel Bryan & The Uso’s came out to make the save!

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I enjoyed Smackdown this week, never saw the Paige vignette though for some reason. Ziggler/ADR was good and Sandow on commentary was pretty good, although they really did overhype the possibility for a Sandow cash in on SD a bit too much for then not even a tease cash-in.


I was worried that the Wyatts would end up wandering about doing nothing with no real sense of direction and that's precisely what's happened. Personally, the Wyatt's have run out of steam now and I'm no longer interested in them, which is a real shame cause they showed great promise.


Pretty much every single match was predictable ending wise, though.


EDIT: The Wyatt promo isn't even included on the spoilers for this show, which goes to say something...

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Dolph/Alberto may have been good for all I know, but I couldn't concentrate with ALL THE DAMN SHOUTING IN MY EARS. They may not have been shouting, actually, but they were damn sure annoying and distracting. It felt like a verbal form of "jobbing out the MITB winner to test them", the way that even JBL was undermining him and their broken record talking point. "Cash in tonight? Why don't you cash in tonight? Will you cash in tonight? If you're so good why don't you cash in tonight? Oh, you're cashing in tonight? Good to hear you're cashing in tonight! Could you pass me that cashing in tonight? How's the weather in cashing in tonight?"


F*ck out. Can't you haze people in private the way normal people do it instead of putting it on TV and letting it ruin shows?

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