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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - September 30, 2013 from Biloxi, MS (#1062)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Sept. 30, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Oct. 1, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS


Confirmed Matches/Events


The Rhodes Family to Appear for an "Open Forum" with Triple H


Debut of El Matadores


Final Build to Battleground

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Los Matadores weren't that bad. I was really surprised to see Mascarita Dorada with 'em. That was a good call. I can see them being more popular in this gimmick than they were as Epico and Primo with Rosa.



Then there was this:






Looks like BEEG got one of Vince's powdered donuts by mistake.

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I found this show very meh. It's scary how much time they have to spend stalling to fill the three hours, the Punk fake injury thing went on for about three times longer than it needed to and if they cut to a shot of Big Show standing in the office any more they could have created a spin-off show.
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I loved El Matadores. Their entrance was awesome. WWE really made sure to give them some unique things that would get the crowds attention from the start. Them doing some moves with their bull fighter capes and then EL TORITOOOOO comes out of them like some David Coperfield shit was great. Smoke coming out of the bulls nose in the titantron was another really nice touch. Primo and Epico tossing EL TORITO into the ring and him doing all of jumps off the ropes was great again. I LOVE EL TORITO! Also, they worked on some cool tag team moves related to their gimmicks.


  • Dolph should take a spear from Reigns on every RAW
  • Santino trying to get up quickly after Cesaro's swing, only to fall down again was some hilarious shit. Santino is just comedy gold. :lol

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I'm amazed im actually up to date on raw atm. still have to watch SD from friday though. santino is great for the role he plays. he even made it ok for hornswaggle and khali to be on TV. well kinda....... the selling for the giant swing was amazing and his hip toss always makes me giggle.


Dolph's selling of the spear was brutal! There was a moment when the uso's do the over the top rope together spot that i thought they would fluff it coming off the ropes as one seemed to hit before the other.


Los Matadores i was expecting to fast forward but i really enjoyed the entrance! El torito is brilliant for this gimmick and has added another layer. sensible booking for a ridiculas gimmick. how long before one of them losing their mask by mistake though?


i was disappointed by the big show. all fired up then just ended up punching a poster? snap already show! lay out the smug, arrogant hunter! i LOVE this angle!!!

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Highlights of the stuff I caught:



- THE SHIELD MATCH. No shit there, but still, it has to be stated, every show, for the record. And just after I praised the SD finish they may have outdone themselves here with something even more impossibly intricate.



- RVD hilariously butchering a two-line promo.


- "I'LL BE YOUR HUCKLEBERRY ALL NIGHT LONG!" The Rhodeses were awesome.

- Also noticed Bryan and Orton working in a PG re-creation of the Bryan/Nigel ringpost headbutts, which sure is something.

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heyman proposed to ryback (his actual words) to be a heyman guy which led to punk run in then fake injury to beat down for curtis. i could just aboput stomach what i was watching as i knew punk would run in.


Oh thanks for the reminder jimmy the whole rhodes/mcmahon thing was hilarious. dusty doing the palm off to steph had me lol'ing. but dam dusty looked yellow! does he have jaundice?

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